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General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • NAMES, @des NAMES, don't just say you found a band like Cocteau Twins, NAMES.
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    @nick Bel Canto's first three albums are very Cocteau Twins like, maybe just ever slightly less whimsical sounding.

  • Anybody here a fan of Current 93? Just about any year they release a new record, it is at least in my top ten, and this year is no exception. Also, probably one of David’s best releases in years, even though there are no “bad” C93 albums.

  • I used to love a lot of neofolk and the like then I started really digging into the lyrics and the artists background and I figured out that was a black man bumping Neo-Nazi music. So I threw out the whole genre as a safety measure.
  • I’m pretty sure David’s not a neo-nazi. I mean l, I’ll hope I’m right about that. I know he associated with some bad people in his younger days, but I thought he pretty much shot down the notion that he was. I don’t listen to any other bands from the genre. I think Current 93 kind of transcends neofolk anyway.
  • Never heard of Current 93, is this a good place to start?
  • Yes, it’s actually probably among their best in my early assessment, at least top ten. Their discography is huge though, they started off playing industrial music, before doing neofolk, and many other styles. They’ve morphed into many different shapes and had many different lineups over the course of their 35 year career.
  • @yama it’s all lyrically dense with obscure references and metaphors, but if you want to explore the folkier stuff, Thunder Perfect Mind is a good place to start and is probably their best album period. Also check out All The Pretty Little Horses. If you’re interested in the early industrial stuff, check out Dogs Blood Rising and Nature Unveiled.
  • The new album is really good though, and if you wanted to, you could start there.
  • @ManateeMaster I listened to their new album (Thunder Perfect Mind isn’t on Spotify). I loved the instrumentation, but I didn’t like the vocals or the repetitive lyrics. I’m hoping it’ll become an acquired taste.
  • Yeah, the vocals are usually what turn some people off
  • Kind of reminded me of the hobbit voices from the animated lotr.
  • You might actually like Aleph at Hallucinationatory Mountain, it’s his most rock- oriented release.
  • I'll check it out! I did like his latest album, it just has some elements I'm not totally on board with.
  • afternoon soundtrack
  • i'll check out current 93, thanks manatee
  • i thought you were talking about prefuse 73 at first. which i AM a fan of already
  • check out prefuse's latest record?

  • New Cloud Nothings out, and I had no idea it was coming out until yesterday. Way better than their last one, back to their Attack on Memory and Here and Nowhere Else sound, but maybe even noisier. @robby
  • Love them and I'm offended you didn't at me, been a fan even when they were making lo fi pop basically
  • edited October 2018
    @Hires ha! I didnt think anyone else here was a fan except for Robby.
  • I’m not even that much of a fan, Attack on Memory is awesome but I haven’t heard anything else nearly that good from them
  • love attack on memory as well
  • I dig it
  • B-) B-) B-)

    youtube "future funk" beats might just convince me to watch a anime tbh
  • heck yes artzie
  • its a bit of a mixed bag but finding the samples is a fantastic way to find some very very good music
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