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  • He doesn’t play SYL stuff does he
  • Sometimes he does, but I doubt he'll play any on this tour
  • They did play Love? during Retinal Circus (with Jed!)

  • And yes, I just bought tickets to his Vegas show, even though he's not headlining. Some band named Avatar are headlining, Devin and Dance With The Dead are supporting.
  • I'm going to see both Hiatus Kaiyote and Grouper live in May.


    also Merzbow is playing in Sydney in June. ... should I go? I've always wanted to see a noise concert.
  • His show was the loudest I’ve ever seen I highly recommend it but ear plugs are essential.
  • seeing Pageninetynine tonight with HIRS, both of whom I’ve wanted to see live for quite a while.
  • Earl was awesome tonight and MIKE killed it as well, definitely glad to have seen those guys play together.
  • gonna be seeing Gizz a second time in July, and I went "screw it" and decided to buy tix for that Merzbow show.

    gon be fuuuuun
  • yeah i really enjoyed their show!! saw em on friday. i like how earl influenced the audience over time and the moshers lost momentum until it was a pretty laid back show
  • how was the meet and greet?
  • real brief but i appreciated the chance to tell him how much solace meant to me, to which he was like “fuck yeah man” and genuinely lit up. my guess is it’s not mentioned as often as some of his other projects, but it’s definitely my favorite earl.

    the hat is dope too & getting in early allowed me to be super close the whole show. it felt really intimate
  • Chem Bros (with Avalanches supporting!) are playing in Sydney in November.

    v tempted, but tix are 150 buxx. OUCH.
  • That sounds like an awesome show
  • I love the Chemical Brothers
  • My friend Angie is a huge fan of Arch Enemy, so we’re seeing them play with Amon Amarth and At the Gates in oct. Way more of a fan of the latter two bands but I’m stoked regardless.
  • i saw the Anthony Fantano show tonight !!
    lots of fun. it was great to see the internet embodied. missed the opening act because i was waiting in a fucking line that reached round the corner. but the line was fun.

    my disappointment - i assumed there would be some music act after the show. so i had prepared for a night out, but once the show was over - everything was over. i ought to have had a little more foresight and planned ahead for a 2nd venue!
  • very cool. I hope he does the east coast again soon
  • American Football tonight
  • @2pl as a bar show - it works really well.
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    I really wanna see Freddie Gibbs and Madlib in Pomona but tix are almost $50 and I can’t sling that rn :((
  • especially since I’m inches away from buying a ticket for Little Simz off someone for like $40 because I fucked up and didn’t get em before they sold out
  • Simz tickets secured
  • Simz show tonight! (does anyone else open this thread?)
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    I do!
  • Seeing Devin Townsend this Saturday!
  • Oh he’s fun live tho it’s been many years since I saw him
  • Yeah I'm super excited! He's just doing an acoustic show, though, so I'm hoping he comes back to Vegas with the full show.
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    @yama where do you live again?
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