• Esoctrilihum, Warforged, and Deathspell Omega records are about tied for metal AOTY for me.
  • New Nocturnus is good too
  • Yeah, I'm not sure I'd put Nocturnus at the level of Warforged or DSO. I haven't heard all of the new Esoctrilihum yet, but so far it's awesome.
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    The percussion in the second Esoctrilihum track is sooooooo cool
  • Not really metal, but this new Earth record is lovely. @robby I know you weren’t thrilled with the initial singles, but I think you should check it. Really digging it.
  • You enjoying it has me intrigued, I’ll definitely listen to it once I’m done digesting Flamagra
  • There’s lots of repetition, and things progress slowly sometimes, but it’s worth it if you stick with it
  • Very minimalist
  • It’s just Dylan and Adrienne right?
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  • ok just went ahead and started it anyway. First two tracks are fantastic. I'm still not big on "Cats on the Briar" but I'm way more hopeful for this now
  • @yama - Recently been listening to Warbringer - Worlds Torn Asunder, and Havok - Conformicide.
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    One of the riffs in this track sounds like something from Abandon All Life. Maybe it's just the drummer playing a D-Beat pattern that's making the connection for me, but it really sounds like that opening riff in that song to me. Not note-for-note, just similar.

  • really cool blackgaze from Russia, definitely has Roads to Judah vibes to it

  • I can get behind this/
  • I'm not a big blackgaze fan, but I'll give this one a try
  • It's blackgaze with balls tho, for lack of a better term. Maybe atmo black metal would be a more fitting term, but these guys are obviously influenced by Deafheaven, but in a good way (unlike, say, a band like Ghost Bath)
  • Finally getting to the Inter Arma album. Not blown away by it as a whole but this is one of the best metal songs of 2019

  • More Demilich worship, it's pretty good

  • all hail the mighty WORMED

  • Goddamn their shit is so dense
  • Oh they have a new album coming out, i didn’t know that
  • Didn’t their drummer die?
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    @ManateeMaster New EP comes out July 19

    They have a different album for every release. The drummer for Krighsu, Guillermo Calero, died last year.

    Apparently this is their new drummer:ázar/375590
  • aw shit seeing Imperial Triumphant in august fuckin stoked
  • they're playing with Behold the Arctopus, that's one of Colin Marston's wank bands right?
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  • behold the arctopus is pretty good I'm against the wank band label for it
  • I mean what I’ve heard of theirs is very entertaining but I think wank metal is a pretty apt description tbh
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