P4K Predictions & General Music Criticism Thread



  • Hahahahahahahahaha truth

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    <3 this interview. Not sure if this has been posted yet, sorry if this is a dupe.

    Apparently I've been pronouncing her name wrong! It's actually "wise blood", apparently.

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    Respectable review from Fantano, even though I disagree with him about the sound palate and find it odd that he left the two best tracks (“Bright Horses” and “Hollywood”) out of the fav tracks section.

  • Upon further listens I might like Skeleton Tree more as a whole but Ghosteen arguably has higher peaks.

  • its real tough for me as I like to love every Nick Cave release, but I really think this is among his best, which is a long list

  • Do you guys think Fantano's influence on people's tastes etc. has surpassed p4k, at this point?

  • I’m not sure he has nearly as much influence on people’s tastes as many think he does. I mean how many people are really bumping the new Hobo Johnson solely because of him? No doubt a small handful of people, but it can’t be that many.

    If the question boils down to who’s more relevant, I don’t think it’s even a question anymore. Fantano has easily surpassed pitchfork in terms of relevancy—I guarantee his best of the decade lists are gonna make a waaaaay bigger splash than pitchfork’s did.

  • pitchfork.. what did clipping do to you

  • Their haterade for this group never made any sense. Feels completely arbitrary.

  • I didn’t like this record, nor any Clipping record before it, but 4.5 harsh

  • i thought it was rlly good lmao

  • historically i have found clipping to have an interesting aesthetic but to constantly undermine themselves by being mad corny

  • definitely will give the new album a try tho

  • that's that dude from hamilton right

  • not the main dude but yea

  • hippity bippity trippity flippity sipatea tipatee hopitee bopitee stopitee

  • I can’t stand Hamilton, as both a musical and as a cultural entity, but Daveed has done great work outside of that between clipping and Blindspotting.

  • @toon_malk you summed up my opinion on Clipping pretty well

  • Daveed is a corny dude

  • what’s corny about it? I feel like “corny” has become kind of a meaningless criticism tbh

  • his style just feels very hyper-technical to me, which is something i associate with corny rappers (logic being an example who also employs hyper-technicality and comes across as corny to me)

  • tbc he is obviously better than logic, but purely in terms of their choices of flows... it's not a completely off-base comparison

  • Is pitchfork just not going to review the new Swans record

  • I was literally about to post just that question. It’s so weird. The Larkin Grimm accusation came out right before their last album, and they still reviewed it and gave it an 8.0. Maybe they don’t want to touch Swans post-MeToo?

    apparently there are a lot of other publications that aren’t touching this either. It’s bizarre to see a band like Swans ejected from the hype machine after being promoted so heavily by pitchfork et al.

  • It’s stupid. Why so extreme for accusations that many think are false from what I understand

  • It’s been 3 years

  • I actually think it’s one of their best albums.

  • I’m not interested in discrediting the accuser, I suppose some are saying that she’s had a history of making false accusations but honestly I can’t speak to that. Maybe Gira did it, maybe he didn’t. But blacklisting them over this 3 years after the fact is just strange to me.

    As for the album, I like it but I definitely don’t think it tops the trilogy. It might not even crack my top 10 Swans albums (if we’re including live records) but there’s still some great stuff on it.

  • I just got into the Swans recently, so I haven't heard their older stuff, but the only track that really stood out to me was It's Coming It's Real.

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