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  • lark of snark heh
  • I liked the Magical Mystery Tour sequence
    in Movies Comment by yama August 12
  • @Ocaml right. that was the initial allure for me to move to it, and I might decide to move to it at some point anyway.
  • i was also looking at apollo as the server, but i wasn't sure how i'd integrated it into mobx on the client side
  • oh cool! what cloud are you running it on?
  • I almost implemented a graphql server in my side project, but I'm using firebase and their cloud functions are sooooo sloooowwww
  • @Ocaml sounds like GraphQL...?
  • We use Jenkins at my current job, which I think is tied to a Git webhook for our master branch, and Peer Review is required to merge into master. I've only been working at my current job for a month, so I'm still learning their infrastructure.
  • I wonder if the third act would've worked better if it didn't opt for a tonal shift to magical realism. I get that it's A24, and something WILD is expected to go down as we near the credits, but I wish it could've found a coherent way to tie everyth…
    in Movies Comment by yama August 12
  • @toon_malk Yeah using multiple frameworks to keep track of the state of different parts of your app sounds like a nightmare, unless you could somehow efficiently sync the state between those frameworks and I highly doubt that's feasible.
  • @Ocaml agreed, but this isn't automatic merges exactly. I can choose when to merge, but I'll only go through with the merge if the build succeeds.
  • START FIRST REFORMED MINOR SPOILERS First Reformed is...interesting. It sets up an ending that I wanted to see that doesn't end up happening, and the ending we do see felt overly abrupt and kind of left me cold. I feel it threw away some of the ten…
    in Movies Comment by yama August 12
  • Micro-Frontends sounds like an interesting idea, but it looks like it has a lot of downsides unless your app is already really complex.
  • Yep, they bought them back in June
  • Microsoft owns GitHub now so there might be a large exodus to gitlab and bitbucket if they ruin it
  • I have it set up to build and deploy my whenever I merge changes into my master branch. You can also set it up to try to build a non-master branch when you're ready to merge, and if the build is successful, automatically merge that branch into maste…
  • gitlab is so freaking cool
  • I did say one of the best, so Jane Doe can still be the best at the end of day ...because it probably still is
    in Metal Comment by yama August 11
  • I've also been returning to that Spectral Voice LP from last year quite a bit. Some of the best death-doom I've ever heard, especially that last track. Holy shit, one of the best closers to an album ever AND YES THAT INCLUDES JANE DOE ROBBY
    in Metal Comment by yama August 11
  • If you guys haven't listened to Mitochondrion, they play some pretty amazing cavernous death metal
    in Metal Comment by yama August 10
  • I worry about guys like Xasthur. You can clearly see marks on his arm where he's cut himself.
  • I just found out about this. Mitochonrion's first album is only $1.37 on digital download for all of 2018.
    in Metal Comment by yama August 10
  • @Robby the saga continues!
    in Movies Comment by yama August 9
  • @geogadd1 i agree with you to a point, but there's a line between culturally foreign and harmful
    in Movies Comment by yama August 9
  • @toon_malk It's under the Singles and EPs section of their artist page because it's one-track album thing.
  • Sung Tongs has great instrumentation and song writing, but the majority of the vocals are too annoying for me to be able to give it more than a 7.
  • I usually don't like super glitchy stuff, but I liked that
    in 2018 hype Comment by yama August 7
  • @demikat oh I'm fine, I was just making a joke that I wasn't picking up on @Shootymane's post, so I must be that credulous guy who can't figure anything out for themselves :)
  • ohhhhhh i listened to it and i liked it a lot (also, is there a kick me sign on my back? i've been kicked a lot today for some reason...)