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  • I still come at metal from a point where I'm mostly intrigued, I still don't know if I understand it really... but it's so different to my ears. I've actually been listening to a lot of black/death metal recs from RYM lately just because I'm curiou…
  • well I noticed that, too. And I thought something slightly different, that he might be giving it multiple listens, relistens, etc. to try and work out the story, what the lyrics mean, what each part of the album means in context of the whole thing …
  • Well this year must be the year I get into metal cuz I've found two "extreme" metal records which have interested me quite a bit; The way this group changes styles suddenly and the overt use of sax solos is ... so striking. The vocals sound a bit…
  • I don't know about that comparison, Des. Maybe in technique, yeah, but not the mood and atmosphere of the product.
    in Hip Hop Comment by TTK June 26
  • yeah a friend of mine told me that tonights ep was one of the best episodes of television ever.
  • I was listening to that new Elder record on YouTube (it was before AntFant's review, I swear) and I kinda fell down a rabbit hole of heavy psyche/stoner rock records. I think this is a sound like disco or breakcore where I can't really not enjoy any…
  • it's like Death Grips all over again. Watch as they dismiss this yet hype up and praise the next Brockhampton project because they realise they're late to the party.
  • cool. if i fall in love with said sprite what do i do
  • it's on my phone, I wanna give it a listen on one of my walks. Maybe next week, we'll see.
  • Air live at the Sydney Opera House, the same series of shows which recently had Fleet Foxes also playing, I think. This is more or less just the hits, nothing from the past three records.
  • it was you who recommended it to me, and then I stated my opinion and we got in a bit of a tiff actually.
  • i tried to listen to an igorrr record once I didn't like it. it actually annoyed me.
  • Yeah this is pretty fantastic. The chord changes in the crescendo section are kinda awe inspiring. Let's hope we see more of this side of GB than the last song that dropped on the new record.
    in Hype 2017 Comment by TTK June 23
  • I love Os Mutantes and didn't even know that Rita Lee had a solo record
  • glad to see you're posting more, Hayter, it's been a while!
    in Hip Hop Comment by TTK June 23
  • i just feel i need a place to kind of immortalise my words (at least until the ant's site crashes again and we have to move elsewhere) or else they'll stay in my head, and I prefer my raw reactions getting out there. Like they've all been seared in…
  • kinda seems to harken back to the Before Today cover in a way, with the pink figure on the right hand side I mean I know on the Before Today cover it was a witch and now this seems to be Ariel himself, but y'know. It jogged my memory enough to comp…
    in Hype 2017 Comment by TTK June 22
  • I went for a walk (first time in a while) Kevin Morby - City Music Just a year after releasing the incredible Singing Saw, Morby comes through with a new record apparently about his time on the road. The new one starts off kinda where Singing Saw …
  • stuff like this is why I still follow pitchfork;
  • been sleeping to Future Sound of London's Lifeforms lately; the production style might be a little too 90's, but damn is it a good record. they really know how to make an ambience which envelops you.
  • I get critters in my vision, too. normally just after I wake up, they go away when I try to look at them.
  • fans of Stereolab and Air's first LP and EP need to get on this NOW
  • sometimes you just skirt that line tho, Demi
  • they probably tried something new and Disney brought down the axe
    in Movies Comment by TTK June 21
  • hey are you a bot and/or do you want to promote your music/your friends music/j coles music? also hey
  • this is just me off the top of my head; 1. Third of May / Odaigahara 2. Crack-Up 3. - Naiads, Cassadies 4. If You Need To, Keep Time On Me 5. I Should See Memphis 6. Kept Woman 7. Cassius, - 8. On Another Ocean (January / June) 9. Fool's Errand 10.…
    in Lists Thread Comment by TTK June 20
  • about ten days too late, but a second Cornelius track has dropped, even better than the first;
    in Hype 2017 Comment by TTK June 19
  • this track (and record) is holy shit good. Drone-y folk with almost chant-like vocals.
  • a little, but I also don't run YouTube channels for a job, maybe it's financially wiser to do so? also, on an unrelated note, to try and make myself more focused I'm unsubscribing from a few channels who I don't really enjoy but watch their content…