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  • I liked those two tracks. Both are a more extreme and potentially button pushing version of stuff she's done before (Actually I dunno if she's just straight up rapped like she did on Django Jane)
    in 2018 hype Comment by TTK February 22
  • havent they always kinda been on the "sjw" thing, though? plus most of the time I agree with their views, mostly because they make fun of people who force their views on others, which is not cool at all in my book.
  • yeah Heaven's in my top 5 of all time. Blue Bell Knoll is incredible, as well.
  • I used to watch Boosh back in the day, it does follow a bit of a formula in that the jokes are more or less surreal word salad mixed with whimsy, but it was enjoyable. That clip provides me some nostalgia though, and it makes me want to watch it ag…
  • never really noticed before, but U.S. Girls' singer sounds kinda like Kylie Minogue.
  • since we're on that japanese synth funk wave;
  • I remember that cover! I also remember the first track, Mysterious Girl, I think it was posted here way back.
  • oh that Yamashita jam is a CLASSIC. I think I found it thanks to Vestenet. Also this;
  • the first Dr Octagon record still gets spins from me because it's so intriguing, this new track sounds like it stays within the same lane as …
    in 2018 hype Comment by TTK February 16
  • thats totally what I thought when I first saw the Japanese writing on the teaser poster, even though half the cast is actual freakin' Japanese, but the dogs are speaking English so that's gonna be problematic for some.
    in Movies Comment by TTK February 16
  • Intriguing that he just did a cover. When I first heard the opening lines I thought he'd take the song into a different part or something, but nope, just played the song fairly straight. It's a good song, and I'm glad he did it but yeah.
    in 2018 hype Comment by TTK February 15
  • vltk, Nick Drake's debut?
    in Lists Thread Comment by TTK February 15
  • New Courtney, this first track is fantastic.
    in 2018 hype Comment by TTK February 15
  • I don't know what the best stand up show is, but I have a few personal favourites; Bill Hicks - Relentless Doug Stanhope - Word of Mouth Bill Burr - I'm Sorry You Feel That Way Jim Jefferies - Alcoholocaust and shout out to Robin Williams' Live o…
  • I agree that it's ridiculous and boarderline comedic. that's kinda why I love it.
    in Movies Comment by TTK February 14
  • I will continue to root for Amen Dunes, This is probably the most accessible track they've ever made so what better time to hop on board?
    in 2018 hype Comment by TTK February 14
  • best drake song is
    in Hip Hop Comment by TTK February 14
  • yeah I was gonna say. Refinement approaches a serene ambience more than other SotL releases, which are a little dronier and quieter, and as vltk said, it's much more melodic. the melody which comes in at about a third of the way through is absol…
  • bruh really I comment on your shit on RYM all the time
  • My prediction was JUST off slightly, I wasn't expecting them to put Elliott Smith up so high. Also the #4 position is pretty controversial (maybe), and woo, I was ri…
  • I wonder if when 2019 comes, will Pitchfork start rewriting their old lists? It'll be interesting to see how much they cling to "the classics" of the year. Like I'm guessing t…
  • went and saw Lady Bird at the cinema the other day Actually was good. I tried to not be cynical but the whole idea of the standard coming of age film kinda seeped into my head early on. But it was soon flipped on it's head once it never really feel…
    in Movies Comment by TTK February 10
  • Jesus christ Colony. Keep providing that magic, that song is absolutely incredible, it's like cheesy 70's blue eyed soul mixed with chillwave. I actually have something kinda similar but very different, this one's some microtonal synth pop.
  • is it?
    in 2018 hype Comment by TTK February 8
  • it did leak RB, it might be planted somewhere iunno
  • and speaking of good albums... fucking hell did MGMT just make their best record? and I've gone back and revisited their back catalogue, Oracular and Congrats are both fantastic, but this is giving really giddy first impression vibes. I'm having so…