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  • eh. I like it when they goof on memes.
    in The YouTube Thread Comment by TTK 1:01PM
  • as someone who visits every day, yeah. and I'm scared ;_;
  • Vanilla - Soft Focus has managed to stick with me for a while, Kind of Dilla/Kanye worship with the sample choppage providing the meat of what makes it good, but I think the album's longevity is because Vanilla manages to pull a lot of mileage ou…
    in Hip Hop Comment by TTK June 19
  • hey guys I accidentally deleted the welcome thread. I don't know if you can get that back or ... sorrryyy
  • watched Tucker & Dale vs. Evil Incredibly entertaining, and quite impressive how the film makers found ways to make the pretty one note comedic conceit work for as long as it did. 7/10
    in Movies Comment by TTK June 16
  • doesn't matter what you haven't heard, just listen to whatever you want bud
    in 2018 LOVED LIST Comment by TTK June 16
  • hm the good doctor seems to be lukewarm on Hereditary,
    in Movies Comment by TTK June 15
  • iunno. he looked as old as Jason Schwartzmann did in Rushmore. maybe that's an unfair link. Maybe links are unfair because kids develop at different times. I dunno.
    in Movies Comment by TTK June 14
  • Hereditary I thought this was great. The twists and turns the story took kept me guessing, and made me reevaluate what the film was about several times before actually just giving it to you and being like "yeah this is what it is" Very Rosemary's B…
    in Movies Comment by TTK June 14
  • I'm gonna see it in a few days, you fellas get me hype!
    in Movies Comment by TTK June 10
  • finally happened, dudez
  • really liking the new Neko Case and Snail Mail records. But what caught my attention in a huge way has been Neko Case's Blacklisted. I've loved her in New Pornos for like 4 years now, and I consider them to be one of the most consistent indie rock…
  • i've been paying attention to this group for a very short period of time. I will listen to the album.
  • because I'm a douche.
    in Movies Comment by TTK June 6
  • saw The Matrix and Shawshank Redemption recently. Avoided both because of their incredible overrated hype, but my friend wanted to watch them and since I forced Listen Up Phillip and The Babadook on him, I conceded. I liked them both more than I e…
    in Movies Comment by TTK June 6
  • yeah I was just thinking that RB, it even looks like a film from the 70's in a weird way, but as you said, without those radical colours. that legit gets me pretty hype. I'm intrigued for sure.
    in Movies Comment by TTK June 4
  • I'm kinda on the whole beefs are meant to be as ruthless and petty as possible thing. Attack the low hanging fruit, but do it well, and Push totalled Drake. He's got screw your face up bars in there. MS ain't funny, but Push used it as ammunition …
    in Hip Hop Comment by TTK June 1
  • new James Ferraro EP is a lot like r+7 and G.o.D., but still good. Derivative definitely, but still worth a listen. Much more interesting than his forays into modern classical.
  • also it's weird how much that Arctic Monkeys record has grown on me, Its left turn to loungey psyche pop is so ballsy. The sound is retro futuristic but not nostalgic because it's not like trying to remember the good times. There's not really that …
    in 2018 LOVED LIST Comment by TTK May 31
  • slightly gonna improve myself now; Amen Dunes - Freedom (decent 9) Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog (strong 8) DJ Koze - knock knock (strong 8) Against All Logic - 2012-2017 (strong 8) Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy (strong 8) Oneohtrix Point …
    in 2018 LOVED LIST Comment by TTK May 31
  • I have watched this about ... five times today? I adore the aesthetics and music and overall vibe this video series gives off. Hugely recommended to David Lynch fans. also watch with English subtitles on.
    in The YouTube Thread Comment by TTK May 24
  • apparently it's only 7 tracks... are there gonna be some crazy epics?
    in 2018 hype Comment by TTK May 23
  • woo!
    in 2018 hype Comment by TTK May 23
  • I am liking the new Arctic Monkeys. Not a love, but the space age lounge pop angle is appealing to my ears (at least more so than their other stuff)