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  • like I'm not a metal head, but damn those groups like Kyuss, Sleep, Electric Wizard... they hit me in a nice fuzzy headspace
  • for some reason Black Sabbath was played at work on Monday, I enjoyed it quite a bit, and even sent me down a little bit of a sludge/doom/stoner metal rabbit hole. also is it just me, or do parts of that track kinda sound like parts of The White…
  • how was the meet and greet?
  • RYM, r/indieheads, label fb pages, and I'm a member of a King Gizz fanpage on fb too.
  • toot toot CHUGGA CHUGGA big red car. we'll travel near and we'll travel farrrr.
  • gonna be seeing Gizz a second time in July, and I went "screw it" and decided to buy tix for that Merzbow show. gon be fuuuuun
  • i know. I was even a fan of his 2000's work, The Information, Guero, Modern Guilt? Great albums! but now all the unpretentious whimsy and carefree genre experimentation has been siphoned into this lifeless husk which feels like Beck but is so stiff…
    in Hype 2019 Comment by TTK April 21
  • oh my god beck why are you doing this. it feels like you're taking my copies of Odelay and Mellow Gold and just stomping on them with gleeful abandon.
    in Hype 2019 Comment by TTK April 20
  • music is still a beautiful thing to me. I listen often, and I can listen with my intellectual analysis brain and my pure emotional brain. when music hits both brains equally hard, thats where the truly good shit is.
  • Yesterday Was Dramatic is awesome. As is Finally We Are No One. Summer Make Good and the ... following record (it's got Poison Ivy in its title) have cool moments.
  • nah i think patience is the better track
    in Hype 2019 Comment by TTK April 16
  • is it just me or does the trailer of the new Jarmusch film look ... bad? I'm hoping it's just the trailer, and the film itself is actually more Jarmusch-y.
    in Movies Comment by TTK April 12
  • gizz goes tallica
    in Hype 2019 Comment by TTK April 11
  • I saw Us it was great! good movie
    in Movies Comment by TTK April 9
  • listened to the new Weyes Blood. cried.
  • I'm going to see both Hiatus Kaiyote and Grouper live in May. wheeeee. also Merzbow is playing in Sydney in June. ... should I go? I've always wanted to see a noise concert.
  • Remember when youtube sketch troupes were a thing? why aren't they still a thing... almost 10 years on and this is still one of the best sketches I've ever seen.
  • anyone want to listen to something that's an absolute revelation? This is an incredible ambient album, the sound design on this record is immaculate, reminds me of the Visible Cloaks record I loved a few years back, but here it's coupled with an…
  • also on the by & by... p4k has been bnm'ing some p good records. at least 6 of them are on my loved list in either the list itself or in my rotation.
    in 2019 loved list Comment by TTK April 4
  • March was extremely generous in my opinion. Meitei - Komachi (decent 9) Jessica Pratt - Quiet Signs (lite 9) CHAI - PUNK (strong 8) Avey Tare - Cows on Hourglass Pond (strong 8) Little Simz - Grey Area (strong 8) Fennesz - Agora (strong 8) Tourist …
    in 2019 loved list Comment by TTK April 4
  • it is indeed awesome.
    in Hip Hop Comment by TTK March 31
  • in Hype 2019 Comment by TTK March 29
  • I've been digging on this for the past day. Maybe a little too drowned in their influences, but the beats are so claustrophobic and weird that they almost sound like sound collage, and the rappers have nice aggressive flows. It's good!
    in Hip Hop Comment by TTK March 28
  • fun fact, I saw flume play for free back at my uni. he was a DJ on a big night out for everyone on campus. he had only just released his first EP, and played many tracks which were going to be on his first record, like Holdin On, which in retrospect…
  • re: recent comments, the new Flume goes pretty hard, and the new Avey is rather stunning.
  • I've been seeing mixed feelings around this track, but I honestly think it may be better than most of what was on Currents. The hook is minimal and subtle, but I think it's meant to work into the mood and vibe of the track. It's not flashy like o…
    in Hype 2019 Comment by TTK March 23
  • woah
    in The Sound Thread Comment by TTK March 22
  • the latest pitchfork bnm is quite a lot of fun.
  • RIP Dick Dale. some people hate surf rock, but it's a corner stone to many great sound tracks, and is an influence of many great bands.
    in Music news Comment by TTK March 18