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  • just saw Au Hasard Balthazar in 35mm and now I can’t look at a donkey without crying
    in Movies Comment by Robby 6:05AM
  • I need to see it again to know for certain, but I think that was kinda brilliant
    in Movies Comment by Robby 12:27AM
  • seated for Annihilation :D
    in Movies Comment by Robby February 23
  • I’m in a huge drone metal mood atm so I’m not the best person to ask for music that others wouldn’t consider boring
  • I'm reminded that I never listened to The Electric Lady, despite loving her 2010 album. Should probz get on that
    in 2018 hype Comment by Robby February 22
  • Killmonger’s on Hot Ones y’all
  • Not until around 2016 or so. Their post-election video was really what pushed me to stop paying attention to em. The Hugh Mungus videos and whatnot were funny but otherwise it became very clear to me that they were jumping on a bandwagon that I had …
  • They have like over 4 million subs these days right? They been mainstream for quite a while. Kinda crazy to think about too given they were at around 40,000 subs back when I watched em. To be perfectly honest I really stopped paying attention to th…
  • I love Treasure but HOLV is top 10 of all time material
  • Just realized that both Annihilation and Mute come out this weekend. sci-fi in film is in a pretty great state right now. (though for fux sake SOMEONE GIVE SHANE CARRUTH MONEY TO MAKE HIS MOVIES)
    in Movies Comment by Robby February 21
  • Happened to catch The Shop Around the Corner this morning, and thought was thoroughly wonderful. It’s such a graceful film in so many respects; Lubitsch maneuvers his tone between light verbal comedy and a melancholy laced with bitterness. Just trem…
    in Movies Comment by Robby February 21
  • Well that sure didn’t show up during GG’s Jerry Springer episode
  • new Rotten Sound EP coming soon for all you grinders out there... tho I still haven’t heard their last album that came out a couple years ago
    in Metal Comment by Robby February 20
  • I have two Lubitsch comedies lined up on tivo to watch myself—The Shop Around the Corner and Trouble in Paradise
    in Movies Comment by Robby February 20
  • Edited my first post to include Jonny because I forgot, but I feel weird pairing a score up against albums for some reason, so I decided to make a separate category
  • Yeah I never listen to scores before seeing the film, I consider that tantamount to spoilers. Soundtracks are a little different I suppose (also I still haven’t listened to the Black Panther album but only 3 of its songs actually show up in the film…
  • check out Shirley Clarke’s The Connection, I’m pretty sure it’s technically found footage
    in Movies Comment by Robby February 20
  • Your top 2 might both be Jonny since his You Were Never Really Here soundtrack comes out in a couple weeks (like a full month before the film itself comes out, which is odd)
  • Isn’t there unsimulated pig/turtle violence in that film? Eww no
    in Movies Comment by Robby February 19
  • saw Killer of Sheep earlier today at a rep house, really fantastic and definitely a film I wanna revisit. It’s totally the kind of empathetic, naturalistic neorealism that’s right up my alley and now following that up with Black Panther :D
    in Movies Comment by Robby February 18
  • Jesus fuck am I going to steal that line in the future
  • It just became too much when I’m scrolling through my feed and literally everything is about the Parkland shooting. I’ve already been extremely upset about that for days, so at a point looking at it became legitimately triggering. I just can’t take …
  • I deleted my twitter app yesterday and I want to see how long I can stay off of it because it’s just too much right now. (Not really posting this for any reason other than to have a record of when I did it, not to gloat or anything)
  • he seems like the TDE equivalent of Adam Sandler’s friends that always get to do movies with him
    in Hip Hop Comment by Robby February 17
  • not on “Money Trees”, but generally yeah
    in Hip Hop Comment by Robby February 17
  • They couldn’t have had Jay Rock redo his whack ass verse before the video?
    in Hip Hop Comment by Robby February 17
  • I’ll take your word for it, might give em a shot one of these days
  • "he's not being hard and disparaging against other racial groups" other racial groups no. trans people, however, yes.
  • heh, that's more or less how I felt about what I saw of the Chappelle specials @geogaddi I was talking about his specials released earlier in 2017, never saw the other two he put out in new years
  • this trend of comedians I worshiped 10+ years ago coming back with crap ass material (or in the case of Louis releasing crap ass material as well as being a creeper) needs to stop y'all