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1. Always be courteous to fellow users. Friendly banter is both encouraged and allowed, but personal attacks and other forms of abuse will not be tolerated. Disagreement is both a natural and frequent occurrence online, so handling differences in opinion with tact and respect is a key component of healthy discourse.

2. Do not post links to illegal downloads of copyrighted material.

3. Pornographic material is forbidden from being posted or linked to on this forum. Other forms of NSFW content may be linked to when annotated as such.

4. In an effort to reduce spam, new users are unable to create new threads by default. Once you have proven to the community that you are a rule-abiding human being, personal message one of the administrators from the list below and you will be granted said ability.

5. It is required that users establish themselves as active participants within the community before promoting personal projects and endeavors.

6. Unconstructive, uncreative, and otherwise inane posts are liable to deletion by administrator discretion.

Comments, concerns, questions, and suggestions with regards to these rules can be addressed to any of the administrators below via personal message.

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  • reminder: certain threads are only accessible by the user class "Forum Regular". If you've been posting here for awhile and haven't been promoted please feel free to send me or any of the other admins a message.
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