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Does Pittsburgh even need secondary scoring with Kessel coming? Him and Crosby are going to score like a billion goals.

they still probably won't win in the playoffs, but that's gonna be the funnest thing in the NHL next year.


  • It's weird. You can't say that getting Kessel was a bad move but you feel like it just makes them way top heavy.

    Whatever, don't care. Justin Williams.
  • I don't know that Pittsburgh is even a good team at this point, but I know I'll watch them every time they're on national TV.
  • I like Williams in Washington a lot. I think they're ready to take the next step if they can replace Green's production.
  • I don't know about replacing Green, but Orlov and Schmidt are totally NHL defenceman so I think they'll be okay.

    That Williams signing was probably one of, if the the best of yesterday. I also really like Green in Detroit, he's way better than everybody gives him credit for.
  • Weirdest thing about yesterday is that there were no really stupid contracts given out.
  • I would say Beleskey was a pretty stupid contract based on an unsustainable shooting percentage. That's a lot of money for a 3rd line player.
  • It maybe wasn't great but I wouldn't call it terrible. He's not a bad player at all, many thought he'd get more than he did.
  • I'd call it terrible when considering the Bruins as a whole. They keep giving money to the wrong guys.
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  • that's not a lot for Oshie at all.
  • Brouwer isn't very good, Caps have good goaltending depth and a third round pick. I love it.
  • I'm still waiting for Tim Murray to bring me a lefty defenseman who can play in the top 4. It's such an egregious hole right now that they absolutely can't go into the season without filling it.
  • like I'm sorry but Josh Gorges is not a top 4 defenseman. I was fine with trading Zadorov but they need to replace him asap.
  • this idea that Ryan O'Reilly's deal is some kind of Clarkson or Leino overpayment is insane to me.

    He's probably getting like $1m more than he should but 7 years is a long time and the cap will rise after expansion.
  • Can't remember who, but I saw somebody tweet today that they'd rather overpay a 6.5 million dollar player by a million than overpay a 3 million dollar player by a million. Totally true,
  • The only argument for not spending all this money on O'Reilly is that Zemgus Girgensons likely projects to be the same player but is 3 years younger.

    even that is kind of a straw-man's argument, because why wouldn't you want 2 of them?

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    apparently Buffalo is expecting 15k+ for tomorrow's prospect scrimmage.

    That's like 3 times what Connor McBust had at his on Monday.
  • This seems gross. Who wants to fuck a football player?!?!?

    photo E1F18513-4502-496A-9C2A-3224F23DA65B.png
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    McDavid only on NBC/NBCSN once is the kind of inexcusable fuckup that should get half of the scheduling department fired.
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  • No australian's care about cricket here do they?!
  • Isn't a typical game of cricket like 73 hours long?
  • A lot longer if we're talking test matches
  • I've always been intrigued by Cricket because it's super popular in some countries and in North America we're fucking baffled by it. The best I can do to try to describe what it is in my mind is baseball with 2 bases and weird flat bats.
  • also it's like bowling kinda? fuck dude Cricket is weird.
  • @Kyle so the other team is the Rams you think?
  • Either them or the Raiders.
  • Let's hope for the Rams rather than the Raiders
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