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Hey people, I thought I'd start a discussion about travel as we don't seem to of ever had one in the forum's different incarnations since I've been around...

Has anyone been to Argentina? Decided to quit my job at christmas (I hate it) and go see Patagonia for a few months in the new year. Just wanted to know if anyone knows how easy it is to go walking/climbing in Patagonia? Maybe @vltk can help me out... I'm thinking of visiting Chile. Maybe some other South American tips if anyone has any? Just planning on booking a one way fligt to Buenos Aires but after that anything could happen!



  • no please
  • but I will offer a topic of discussion related to travel;

    I've been seeing all the uni leavers on my facebook posting pics of themselves travelling.

    I don't get the idea of travelling. I feel that if I liked a place enough to travel to it, I'd be better off staying there.

    or these people who are travelling to Africa and seeing these incredible views and places, I dunno ... I wouldn't be able to go back to regular life after all that. Just drop me off there, cut my life off, I'm clearly meant to be in the amazing place.
    Kind of what you're doing, Benneh. Just cut myself off, buy a one way ticket and maybe end up living wherever I end up. Doing a menial labour job, but the incredible scenery and wonderful people encountered on a daily basis more than making up for it.

    I also was told that if you're not happy in the place you're currently in then you'll never be happy anywhere, which is a little bs probably but it's stuck with me.
  • I've been to wonderful places like Cinque Terre in Italy and the rain forests near the Arenal volcano in Costa Rica, and I could have seen myself staying in either of those places, but there are other places that are cool to experience, but I wouldn't want to live there. New Orleans is a cool place to visit and experience, then I lived there for a year and it was kind of a shithole place to live. If you don't visit a place first, you can never be sure if it's a place you'll want to be in for any extended amount of time.
  • I like traveling, but I prefer to live there - not visit. I agree with TTK to that point. I don't understand someone who visits a lot of different places and countries in a  short span of time. Like a 2 wk trip somewhere that included living out of their backpack while they visited 12 differently place, but largely trapped aboard some form of transportation in between taking pictures of themselves posing by a mountain, a river, a snowy lakeside. In that, I think, what's the point?

    I travel - but have long breaks in between my travel because I move to the spot I was interested in, pick up a job and live there for a time. I don't, however, consider it "cutting myself off". I'm an outsider, but I wake up, go to work, make new friends, learn a bit of a new language or a new culture, have a night life, get my sexy-sexy on, pay rent, (learn how to pay rent then pay rent) buy groceries, get into the music scene, find a music scene, check out shows, etc etc etc. I just do it in a new language, or broken language, or a new city/state.  But I prefer to live there for a bit.
  • "Like a 2 wk trip somewhere that included living out of their backpack while they visited 12 differently place, but largely trapped aboard some form of transportation in between taking pictures of themselves posing by a mountain, a river, a snowy lakeside. In that, I think, what's the point?"

    I think your largely generalising here.

    I don't really understand either of your thinking. If I can go somewhere in the country, and go walking and mountain climbing and see some really beautiful things, even if I can only do it for 2 weeks, then surely it's worth it right? The himalayas are beautiful and I had some of the best times of my life seeing them, but I wouldn't want to live there...
  • I love traveling, I think if I have an oppurtunity to see a new place even for a few hours it's worth it
  • yes - I was using general language to describe the general concept of "backpacking"

    If you were looking for solid, specific, approval or appraisal - and if you cared for my ultimate and specific stance on the matter, rest assured, life and beauty are fleeting, Go and find your sand mandala. 

    I, too, have my own way of finding it. Less pictures - more dancing.
  • I love travelling but my dad always takes us to the same places. France, Switzerland and Italy. We usually spend the summer holiday in one of those 3 places. 

    I'd love to visit India, Turkey or Iran. 
  • Yo I'd love to go to France, Switzerland or Italy
  • @secondplanet without the people and bridge, I wouldn't be able to tell this wasn't an oil painting. really interesting.
  • I'm pretty scared of traveling to places where English isn't the primary language. I think I'd find it pretty maddening to not be able to communicate with people.
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    but there's a certain beauty to that, you'd have to resort to primitive languages like hand signals and facial expressions.

    unless you want to be like your average American abroad (or Australian probably - we wouldn't be much better) and bark orders in English until you get a response.
  • I'm scared too but I want to do it because I feel like it'd be enriching to gain perspective of what that's like
  • you can use technology. 

    I used my ipod - downloaded pictures of things and when I went out i would try to say as much as I could, "Where is this? " Can I have this please?" and then I'd point to the picture. "Please" and "Thank yous" always goes a long way when you're saying it in another language. 

    or you could really lean on technology and speak into your phone and have you phone speak for you.
  • If you take a phrase book and really make an effort you can seriously suprise yourself with how much you can learn and say in a short period of time. Also, there are always friendly people out there at guest houses and so fourth who can help you out. Where in China is that @secondplanet? It looks incredible!
  • you mean that's not an illustration? Good god that's crazy.
  • Going to Berlin on friday for my birthday. Anyone been got any recommendations? It's my first time in Deutschland!
  • piss up
    piss up
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    I'm sure they're used to it
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    I was in the Baden-Wurrtemburg last summer. Only tip is to not hit up any fast food restraints because the ppl there do not speak English and will get pissed off if you speak bad german
  • This was the case at 5/5 fast food restaurants I visited
  • also u gotta fuck with bakeries as much as possible but u probably already knew that
  • Also its very very very hard to have a bad time in germany from my experience. You would need to strive for it. How long//where are you staying?
  • this thread makes me sad i don't go to more places
  • staying in a place by the river near the east side gallery... just going for a long weekend, friday-monday. hoping to mix a bit of culture/galleries/museums with some dirty old techno during the evening. recommend any museums and galleries shooty? or night clubs for that matter?
  • Nah I was in Munich and stuttgart, so I don't have anything specific. If you somehow find yourself in either of those places (somehow) I could help though lol.
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    my girlfriend lived around there for a couple months, i'll have to ask her for more recs but I remember her saying madame claude is cool
  • okay guys, berlin was amazing. you should all go there... like now!
  • gimme money and I will
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