The fine art of tv: Season 2

I guess I'll get this thread going again.

So, true detective started again, and boy howdy is it a sloppy mess of a show. I'm still interested in the plot after 2 episodes, but everything from pacing, character development, dialog, and even the editing for this show feels sloppy, especially compared to season 1.

Nice cinematography, though :)


  • I kind of expected that to be honest. I don't really think True Detective was the revelatory show a lot of people thought it was to begin with.
  • I enjoyed the first season quite a bit mostly for the chemistry between Harrelson and McConaughey and I love nonlinear story telling.
  • Hannibal was canceled, which is bullshit.
  • Hannibal :-(

    I'm going through Twin Peaks a second time, and the "freakier" episodes are making me freak out worse this time through. It must be the blurray transfer. 

    The episode where they reveal who killed Laura (and that episodes end) is so intense. 
  • @Dallas I think there's a possibility that Netflix or somebody like that will pick up Hannibal if enough people petition.
  • The scene in twin peaks that kicks off the second season (cooper on the floor) is like my favorite thing in tv/movies
  • @ManateeMaster Amazon holds streaming rights and according to Bryan Fuller, they won't let Netflix take them. So Amazon is going to have to step up, especially now that Mads and Darcy's contracts expired. 

    @Shootyman So great!
  • can we talk about TV Land pulling The Dukes of Hazzard for a second?

    Look I'm a pretty progressive guy and I hate everything that the Confederate flag stood for as a person who isn't crazy. That being said we have to stop with unilateral policies designed to erase history. People are smart enough to watch a dumb fucking show and put it into context that this isn't a new thing. TV Land isn't endorsing racism by keeping the show on and they're not stopping it by pulling it.

    All in the Family is just as offensive in a modern context and nobody is calling for that show to be pulled.
  • They just knew the shit storm that would be kicked up by people not as reasonable as you wouldnt be worth the ad money of keeping the show
  • I wonder how much money it would cost to get a CGI studio to remove it frame by frame.
  • The fact that TV Land did it, as a financial decision to keep out of the shitstorm, is preferable to censorship mandated. It's still ultimately a business decision. 

    I don't think they should, but they obviously feel as if their viewership does. 
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    Im a bit more than halfway thru wilfred rn
    Id call the first season garbage but the second season is so excellent itd feel wierd
  • I wasn't expecting that. I thought they could recast his voices and have people be mad for 5 minutes for considerably less money.
  • is True Detective as bad as everyone is saying?
  • I'm assuming it is
  • that's unfortunate.

    I think this season of OITNB is kinda disappointing too if I'm being honest. It just doesn't seem as focused as season 2 was.
  • I tried to watch episode 1 of s2 but one of the first scenes was a flashback to Piper's childhood so I quickly realized I didn't want to go through this again
  • season 2 is legit amazing and it's because they figured out that Piper is like the least interesting character on the show. I would recommend sticking with it.
  • how long do I have to fast forward before she goes away
  • I actually kind of like Piper in season 3 because the show understands that the audience doesn't feel sympathy for her any more and they've changed her character accordingly.

    she's basically the Willy Wonka of dirty panties now.
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    I think Shearer going public is like David Lynch going public with his quitting of the Twin Peaks reboot.

    That and the dude is 71, he can't be that active any more, can he?

    He probably realised his weekly supply of mush would get cut down if he stopped doing The Simpsons.
  • true detective s2 certainly isn't as good as s1, but it's not bad enough to stop watching. I'm still vaguely interested in where the convoluted plot is going.
  • John Oliver's takedown of sports stadiums was great, but there's no way any of that is ever changing. As long as there are cities to threaten a move to, it'll always be owners holding municipalities hostage.
  • hooray another reason for me to despise this country's deadly fixation on sports culture
  • sports are great. The financial system around sports is not.
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    i'll re-phrase

    hooray another reason for me to despise the way this country's fixation on sports culture allows for the infrastructure around it to ruin regular peoples lives. it's just ridiculous to me the things we allow countless sports organizations to get away with (FIFA being the biggest example obviously) just because people can't separate themselves from a stupid game. if enough people boycotted events from these organizations then something could be done but there just aren't a lot of sports fans in the world that care enough to do that apparently
  • I think "ruining people's lives" is a bit hyperbolic at least when we're talking about North America. While it's true that the costs far outweigh the benefits in a lot of cases, it's possible that these huge infrastructure projects have actually had tangible benefits in the cities they inhabit. Indianapolis and Columbus are two cities off the top of my head that developed fantastic entertainment districts around their gigantic public works.

    that value proposition is non-existent when it's applied to suburban locations.

    owners should be footing the bill, no doubt... but it just doesn't work that way in most cases.

  • "I think "ruining people's lives" is a bit hyperbolic at least when we're talking about North America" maybe so but the stats Oliver pointed out for Cincinatti (a public hospital closing, 1700 jobs lost, not paying public schools for a stupid stadium) are proof enough that the fact that we allow these corporations to control municipalities like that are ultimately destructive and super-not-good
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    seriously though look at how the coyotes fans fucked things up in angry as the NFL, MBA, NHL, pretty much every pro sports organizations make me, there should be a priority on sports fans to stop being a drone to their stupid teams and realize when what they are doing is hurting their communities and need to be reigned in. that the vast majority of sports fans aren't loudly livid about stuff like this is partially what helps it continue
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