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Still chugging through Batman. Gorgeous game and a cool world but it's definitely a victim of diminishing returns for me so far.

their use of Joker is pretty interesting though.


  • Batman is the definition of a game Im gonna wait for a price drop for. I have no doubt that it's fun, but $80 is just such an investment.
  • man the Canadian dollar must be in the tank if games are $80 there now.
  • you guys actually pay the equivalent of $63.77 USD for games. That's kind of shitty but I don't think it's as bad as some of the exchange rates in Europe.
  • New Batman is rad
  • my biggest problem with it is "yo this game is just a prettier Arkham City"
  • Gonna officially join the ranks of this hardware generation by picking up a New 3DS XL this weekend. So many good (from what I hear at least) JRPGs on that platform, holy shit.

    I'll probably also end up buying a whole bunch of DS games off Amazon as well just because we've hit a sweet spot where a lot of those games are cheap to buy new but are constantly increasing in resale value as we rapidly approach the death of physical media.
  • I thought for a second you were actually buying a console. 

    The 3DS seems like a great platform at this point. Even if the New 3DS seems like them beginning to position themselves closer to a new handheld there will always be a gigantic and quality back catalog for that thing.
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    I technically entered the modern hardware generation last summer when I built my PC, but whatever. I need two months worth of games to tide me over until The Phantom Pain consumes me.
  • Nolan North apparently let it slip that there's going to be a sequel to The Last or Us at some convention.

    didn't his character die? why would he even know?
  • this is unbelievable and on-par with pretty much any historical item in all of humankind.
  • Giant Bomb once again proving that they're the best site on the internet.

  • woah this is even earlier than I expected
  • There's a 95% likelihood that the new Zelda game is going to be for NX, right?
  • Swansong for Wii U, launch title for NX like Twilight Princess was for GC and Wii. 
  • @Alex my question at this point is if they do the Twilight Princess thing and make it cross platform. It'd be kinda shitty if they didn't after revealing it as a Wii U game.
  • I may depend on what kind of game Zelda Wii U is. Knowing them, they would try and make the Gamepad an important part of the game, as they did with Splatoon and Starfox Zero. Depending on what kind of controller the NX uses, that might not be easy to do. 

    Besides, we still don't really know what kind of console the NX is. For all we know, it's a replacement for the 3DS, although my money's on it being some kind of 2 in 1 platform, where the controller is it's own handheld, like the Dreamcast but better implemented, because Nintendo knows it's handhelds.
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    I think the argument is whether or not it skips Wii U entirely, not if it'll be a launch title on NX. Don't forget that Twilight Princess had motion control on Wii and was fully functioning with a controller on GameCube. I think them both skipping on talking about both Zelda and NX at E3 is a dead giveaway that they want to refocus the narrative towards the version of the game running on new hardware next year.

    As for guesses on what NX actually is, I'm starting to believe the rumors that it's at least partly based on Android... at least on the OS level. I know they outright denied it but it would make sense for them as a company that's had problems luring 3rd party development. I also wouldn't be surprised if they just try to make it as pc-like as possible and go the x86 architecture route with a system that's on a similar hardware level to PS4/Xbox One. If they were smart they'd try to greatly surpass it from a power perspective, but something tells me their primary goal at this juncture is just to compete.

    I don't buy it having a handheld component after the failures of Wii U, they need this thing to be affordable. It would also cause confusion in the marketplace if there's yet another Nintendo console in stores with screens embedded in the controllers. I think the NX will come with a standard dual analog controller that resembles the pro controller but also feature support for Wii U tablets and Wii remotes. If they innovate with this machine I think it'll be somewhere other than control method.

    I don't think they'll have backwards compatibility with Wii U, as the cost associated wouldn't justify itself with such a low install base.
  • Do you guys think there's Wii U games beyond 2017 if NX makes 2016? I could see them pulling support entirely.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if the NX had Wii and Wii U backward compatiblity, but the final name and the branding won't have anything to do with "Wii". 

    It's hard to argue that the Wii U's gamepad was a success, but the 3DS has sold incredibly well, if the could make a console with a controller that was itself an independent console, even if it's just a Gameboy Advance with 4 buttons and analog sticks, I think that could be really successful.

    This is all wishful thinking, the real thing will probably just be something to compete more directly with the PS4 and XB1, which would be the safe option.

    As for Wii U support after the NX, I wouldn't expect anything first party from Nintendo after Zelda (if that actually makes it to the system) but there will probably be eShop and virtual console support for a year or two after.
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    This guy plays GTA as a pacifist and does hilarious commentary. It's a must-watch.

  • That's pretty amazing, Josh. Ha!
  • I fixed that insane gibberish link, Josh.
  • oh wow short YouTube links embed now
  • they also embed as clickable images on mobile! holy crap new Vanilla is rad
  • someone needs to load up a thread with a bunch of embeds because I think performance will be much better now (at least in mobile)
  • Wow.

    Only 55 too? awful awful news.
  • that's terrible
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