The YouTube Thread

Hi, I'm Nick, and I watch YouTube.

A lot.

I unfortunately am an avid watcher, more than I like to admit, and as such I'm subbed to many channels and I like to see what's going on.

This thread is about cool stuff you find on the platform which doesn't really feel like it fits anywhere else, also to talk about issues relating to Youtube, as it begins to come into the battle which has been predominately fought between the traditional media.

First off, some laffs. An episode of Doug Benson's very spotty but occasionally entertaining show Get Doug with High, featuring two great guests John DiMaggio (Bender from Futurama, and Jake from Adventure Time, amongst others) and Open Mike Eagle.

Secondly, some controversy, ooooh.
You guys hear about that thing that the entertainment multi-channel owners the Fine Brothers did?
In short, copyright the idea of reaction videos - in a longer form... watch this video;

It's not the video which the Fine Bros put up because that has been taken down;
This is a guy (rather intelligent fellow, too) giving his own take on it, and playing the video through his own "reaction".

Collectively their brand, previously with over 20 million subs, were some of the biggest (if not the biggest) creators on YouTube,
Now their subscriber base is falling rapidly, and people are scared they're gonna start taking down other reaction videos and asking for money.

These are some crazy times, as it shows that YouTube is still primarily controlled by the people who watch it, and if the people revolt then you are gonna go down.

So anyway, post away, just talk shit about the platform that is YouTube. Comment on the discussion, or just post whatever.



  • i havent wayched GDWH in like a year and a half but i might check that episode
  • I really like the Fine Bros videos and always have.

    For what it's worth they actually rescinded their trademark claim after all the backlash. I'm just gonna chock it up to those dudes making a mistake.
  • they're delusional brah, they stole their format from I Love the 80s and Kids Say the Darndest Things and they wanna to trademark it? if people didn't react as harshly as they did there's no way they wouldn't have abused that, most youtuber royalty would
  • I don't disagree but I think they have good content as someone who watches a shit load of reaction videos.
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    they tried to galvanize their fanbase to go after Ellen for making a video about kids reacting for fux sake, there's no question that this had somewhat malicious intent
  • also Breakfast at Sulimay's was better than Elders React and you know it RIP Joe
  • @Robby I just enjoy their videos. Being not great people isn't really part of my thought process when spending hours on YouTube.
  • Like theoretically the Botchamania dudes could hunt the elderly for sport but I still laugh at their videos
  • DomDom
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    Great thread idea Nick, I also watch quite a lot of Youtube although I've only really started doing so recently. The Needle Drop was the only Youtube channel I subscribed to for years. I really like that second vid you linked and I've just watched a few of his other videos too.

    Anyway, one of my favourite Youtubers is this guy, Tom Scott. He does a number of things but the series that got me watching his content was 'Things You Might Not Know', just a series of short videos about random, inconsequential things that are always interesting and generally pretty entertaining.

  • Dom, that is very cool. I love that kind of stuff.
    He seems like he's making his own BBC special. Proving you don't need a mid level comic in tow to make a program like that.

    In regards to what Kyle said;
    Even if they did rescind the trademark, it's gonna take a while in internet land (Maybe another two weeks) before things get back to normal, and they're never gonna fully recover.
    Some things the internet will move on from, but things like this, I think people are gonna remember forever.
  • They have 14 million subscribers, I think they'll be okay.
  • you're right about their reputation though. At the same time that didn't get people to stop watching Yogscast.
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    but what is Yogscast most famous for for people that don't listen to them? their kickstarter scam. because I don't watch the Fine bros outside of the occasional elders react (i couldnt really avoid watching the Dirty Grandpa one) this is probaby what im gonna remember them by
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    @Robby I wouldn't really call it a "scam" in that they didn't set out specifically to rip people off.

    I think it's important to note that they're still one of the most popular channels on YouTube despite that shoddy reputation. It clearly didn't effect them all that negatively overall.

    I stopped watching after all that, but it wasn't because of the Kickstarter stuff... it was more that I didn't really find their content all that enjoyable anymore.
  • I wonder how Alex feels about it. I know he was a huge Yogscast fan.
  • What did the Yogscast guys do? I don't follow the Minecraft community, but they seemed like nice people.
  • They started a Kickstarter for a game they were calling Yogventures but it was canceled at some point due to some issue with the developer they gave the project to.

    I really think some onus needs to be on people who think it's a good idea to give money to people who've never made a video game money to make a video game. There's a huge difference to me to funding a proven developer versus funding a fucking YouTube channel that wants to make a game.

    Should they have delivered on what they promised? Yeah... but making games is hard and they clearly gave the project to a developer who was in over their head. It's a fucked thing but they probably don't need to go to jail for it.
  • I think a lot of the backlash came from a comment they made saying "they weren't obligated to do anything" when kickstarter's website clearly says otherwise.

    They wound up giving backers a code for a different game. A lot of people still say the whole thing was handled poorly (which it was).
  • It should go without saying that any kind of crowdfunding is buyer beware. It definitely sounds like they handled it poorly, but crowdfunding projects collapsing shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Same with any product you purchase, you're required to evaluate how much you trust the individual or company, and if they fuck things up, its on you to decide whether or not you should trust them again.
  • well you're becoming an investor in that case and investors give their money to things and lose it all the time. I agree @mars people contributing to crowdfunding need to realize that the risk exists the same
  • And I say that as someone who gives to crowdfunding pretty regularly, and I've been burned and disappointed by projects I've funded before, but I've also had great things come from them. It's a great platform for interesting new things that would otherwise never find funding, but it's still something people should be more cautious about.
  • This seems like a good place to talk about smaller channels too, so here's my picks.

    You Suck At Cooking

    I started watching this guy a couple months back and every one of his videos is great. It's like if howtobasic was clever, well written and actually funny. Here's one of my favourites, although if you like it I recommend starting from episode 1 because there is some vague continuity. The music is pretty great too.


    Similar comedic style to YSAC, but this time about games. His most popular videos are his Destiny videos (of which there's only a couple, and are still pretty funny even if you don't play) and his GTA pacifist series which got a bit of traction when he started. I like his Savepoint series, which takes a philosophical approach to the lessons learned from video games. This one shows how messed up survival games can get.

  • I'm not watching that channel because you put down howtobasic.

    That man is a goddamn hero.
  • It was funny the first time I saw one of his videos, but hasn't the joke worn out by now?
  • the fact that such raw primal rage is so popular on YouTube to the point that dude makes a comfortable living doing it is the best.

    He's a goddamn hero and an artist.
  • Have you ever watched his early videos? There's a throughline here. It's escalated pretty slowly into what his videos are now.

  • i just watched the how to make a rainbow cake and i dont know if this is the best or worst thing but i diggit
  • He used to make videos like this.

    now he fists chickens.

    The Internet is the greatest.
  • But where's the joke.
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