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This thread is for saying hi to new people.


  • I'm the new HiResDes not like that old asshole from the other forum. I was just wondering if you'd like to listen to my podcast?????
  • holy crap, welcome back.
  • Hi new des how many guys are on ur podcast and what do they use for microphones?
  • @shittymane Here is a pic of me and my podcasting setup. It's pretty good but I still need to ad a couple more mics to give the audience a true listening experience.

  • wait, who is @gonnahayt? is that someone who is actually new?

    also, kudos to yung evan for setting this up. 
  • Am i new?
  • ayy lmao
  • Gonnahayt is Hayter(numbers), one of the originals from the way back.
    Was on one of the first podcasts, and is the first UK forumer (as far as I know).

    he seemed to drop off in activity but continued to lurk and be sneaky. Always a warm welcome to him, though.
  • He also posted as 36Chambers I believe
  • Hey friends,

    I'm Liam, Canadian emo trash. I like music, video games, movies, etc. I like them so much that I do crazy shit like write about them a lot. I'm sort of a freelance journalist, but a majority of my work is for edge.ca (Website for Toronto's #1 Alternative Music Station [I don't even get paid to say that])

    I'm sure we're all like-minded individuals and I look forward to getting up to all sorts of shenanigans and whatnot. 

    U can also follow me on twitter if your heart desires: https://twitter.com/SororityNoice
  • interesting.

    Hi, forgive me if I'm apprehensive about you initially, but you did include a plug to your stuff in your first post (which doesn't always bode well)
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    Your apprehension is fair. I'm not trying to promote my work, just mention that I write for an alt music station because it's the only somewhat interesting thing about me. 

    Also was getting at the fact that I'm interested in musical discussion and whatnot.

    My twitter was a plug but I figured it wouldn't hurt to have some more people with good taste to follow back.

    I get what you mean, though. Bad first impression. I'm just here for the groovy tunes. 
  • I doubt it's the only interesting thing about you, but you've proved yourself to be at least human so you have that going for you.

    Just stick around and you'll fit in fine (or so I assume, it's yet to happen to me)
  • welcome from nearby Buffalo. Some days you can actually get that station from here.
  • I don't do a whole lot, just gaming, writing, and selling fish.

    Thank ya for the welcome though. I'm new to the TND forums, but I've been fantano fan for a couple of years. Hoping I don't have a whole lot of trouble getting along with the fine folks here
  • hey cool, we need more gamers here.

    I think most of us haven't really followed Anthony too closely for years. At a certain point I became such a jaded asshole about music that the only person's opinion I respect is my own. I pretty much actively hate everything and everyone at this point.
  • To be honest, I only watch Anthony's videos so that I can get a good laugh at how his opinions are wrong and not the exact same as my own. Once my tears of condescending joy dry up, I'll leave a rude comment.

    I've been doing it for 3 years now, it's exhilarating
  • Glad to be among people who share similar interests and activities
  • Welcome, Liam. I hope for hours of fruitful conversation ahead of us. 
  • I totally missed Kyle's comment about being from Buffalo, that's pretty sweet! 

    Thanks for the welcome too, Dallas 
  • @liamb yeah dude I love Toronto. I try to go up at least a few times a year with it being so close.
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  • hooray?
  • best new username
  • what's the word around town
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    Wow, all these new people, welcome @PIGGPIGG and @macxlean and @liamb25
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