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    Kanye Time, exclusively on TIDAL.
  • Well I guess I'll wait for him to decide Apple Music listeners are worthy. I'm not syncing my phone for anyone.
  • it's on what already, too
  • hah apparently the version that was put out on Tidal has FACTS twice, with Fade being FACTS again.
  • Hahaha guys this is really really really good
  • maybe he'll fix it in the next 3 months
  • I guess the version he put out is clipping a bunch? That's pretty cool. I guess I was wrong and he did make this album in a week.
  • this is sweet so far (four songs in)
  • I'll put up with a lot of shit, but if this album is clipping constantly it's garbage and I hate it.
  • hahaahhaha kanye holds the top 8 spots on what. the hype machine worked
  • and EVERYONE is complaining about clipping
  • It's kind of fucking unacceptable. Clipping isn't being used as an aesthetic here it's just pure laziness.

    My guess is that it gets fixed on a vinyl release or some shit at some point, but it's beyond disappointing to hear that the "best album of all time" isn't even fucking finished.

    most high profile albums get a "mastered for iTunes" version these days, and sometimes it's garbage but now I'm literally hoping for Apple to save us from the enigmatic narcissistic asshole who thinks it's okay not to master an album before releasing it.
  • I listened to a bit of it and it seems pretty great. The clipping is noticeable even on shitty speakers, but I've heard worse. It's no Death Magnetic or the last Tokyo Police Club album.
  • so what's the tracklist for this? I think everything past "Wolves" is a bonus track but I'm not sure.
  • on headphones it's not that bad; i'm really enjoying it (on the last track now). some absolutely great songs in that mix. the man's still got it
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    first impressions:
    - over long, Wolves felt like the final track, as much as I liked No Parties in LA. If he comes out and says everything after Wolves is a bonus, that'd be cool with me.
    - over indulgent (that's kinda expected ... The final 3rd of 30 Hours was so fucking unnecessary)
    Actually slow down here, when you have Andre fucking 3000 in the studio, why do you just get him to sing back up. Fucking Ye.
    - I respected the running themes I picked up on (religion, the death of his mother, family and friends, fame - as usual)
    - A handful of cringe worthy wack lines (the Go Pro line on Highlights), but that's once again, expected. How about we just call them Kanyeisms and get it over with.
    - I think production wise - this is Kanye's most beautiful and serene album yet. I think thanks to primarily the production, I enjoyed a portion of each track on the record.
    Shout out to sections like the final beatless section of Real Friends, the section at about a minute in on Highlights, the beat on 30 Hours, and the frankly amazing sampling of Sister Nancy's Bam Bam on Famous.
    Also the beat on Feedback does everything that he was trying to do on Yeezus only about 10x better.
    - To run on with that last point - the amount of tracks which just seem to have multiple sections and which radically shift from one idea to another gives the record a really schizophrenic feel. I don't know if that's a quality or a distraction yet.
    - There isn't much in the way of a flow to the album, but everything does feel cohesive. It's all from the one person, so I guess that's a thing to commemorate.

    Right now - I think I like it. It's definitely better than Yeezus.
  • I bet me and Ray J would be friends if we ain’t love the same bitch
    Yeah, he might have hit it first, only problem is I’m rich.
  • I'm diggin'. This one is going to be one the needs multiple listens, though.
  • can anyone drop this?

    good god that Ray J line does not have me excited
  • It's there homie.
  • so does Kanye even rap on this? first track is boring as hell.
  • Oh I love the first track.
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    First track is the highlight of the album... {imo}
  • really? it has no structure, no momentum whatsoever. Famous is the first song on this that isn't a complete trainwreck of songwriting (though it's not terribly well written either)
  • I found its well produced and surprisingly impactful. The gospel influences really worked for me.
  • I'm gonna predict that Kanye released the two good songs on this already because Yeezus is sounding more focused and purposeful than this so far and that's not a fucking good thing.
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    alright I got to Facts and I fucking give up.

    guys, this is a mess. are we just going to accept Kanye releasing doodles and calling it a finished album? the emperor doesn't only have no clothes, he's running around and waving his dick in my face. maybe my priorities are weird to some people, but that doesn't sound like a great album to me. I don't love Kanye so much that I'm willing to overlook a weakly produced album just because his name is on it. I maybe wouldn't be so pissed if Real Friends and No Parties weren't so good, but this is not anywhere close to the album it needed to be to make the circus surrounding it anywhere close to being worth it
  • Yeah ur right dude im pretending to like it ya got me
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