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    That feel when you want to go see the Death Grips show, but none of your friends are into them :\
  • just go alone homie I gotta do that every now and then
  • at least you have friends, bruh.

    feel lucky
  • Envy is touring.....and they're opening for La Dispute, because that makes sense
  • La Dispute is probably more popular in the U.S. no?

    I'm genuinely asking don't hit me
  • lol probably, it's just weird given that when they came here last La Dispute opened for them. To be brutally honest though La Dispute's crowd has kind of annoyed me both times I've seen them so I'm earnestly just hoping they see Envy and give them respect
  • really it's two awesome bands and one of which I've been waiting years to see so imma stop whining
  • I saw the pains of being pure at heart (awesome band) open for surfer blood (a not awesome band)
  • I remember when Earth opened for Deafheaven last year there were some beardos bitching about the whole hipster metal stuff
  • Just bought some tickets to see Heems. I'm really hoping its leagues better than when I saw Das Racist, or else it's money wasted.
  • do you expect Heems to put effort into anything?
  • there are so many promoters in the area that pull this shit..

  • seeing godspeed in september!!
  • im seeing bongripper this month and bongzilla next month

    all of the bongs for me
  • Duuuuuuudddddee youuul beeee sooo hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggghhhh hhebehebgbghshsuwhwudsvbsv
  • Seeing Kamasi Washington and The Mountain Goats in November! (At different gigs.. obviously)
  • Damn that's a pretty great month, though. 
  • Yep really looking forward to both! It's the first time The Mountain Goats have come to the UK since I got into them. I was worried they wouldn't tour here again since John Darnielle has spoken about not wanting to leave his children so it was a great surprise. Small venue too, only 350 capacity.
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  • cool man, have a great time.
  • im at the p4k thing panda bear was cool ought was surprisingly amazing and im p excited for sophie tn. chicago is such a chill city its very pretty here.
  • does chicago sound like this song

  • all things go
  • We grippin now
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  • My fourth show of the year is going to be Beach House and Jessica Pratt, around my 27th birthday. 

    That's a talented double bill, and I'm excited for it. 
  • I saw Between the Buried and Me with Animals As Leaders and Contortionist tonight. First metal concert and it was pretty fun, even without knowing the bands at all.
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    Hey I was at that tour on tuesday. fun show
  • Bought tickets for Death Grips already. Thinking about buying tickets for Sufjan Stevens tomorrow. Also thinking about tickets for a Earl Sweatshirt/Vince Staples show
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