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  • Few things are annoying me more rn than looking up Tropical Fuck Storm’s tour dates to see when/if they’re coming to Los Angeles and seeing that they were already here a week ago. Argh.

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    Not going but wtf is this holy shit @Robby

  • I’m not a big Mike Patton / Mr. Bungle person but I’d go to the Neil Hamburger one because that is such a bizarre lineup.

  • Also I pulled the trigger on Chelsea tickets seeing as I loved the new album.

  • tonight Blanck Mass played one of my favorite sets I’ve seen all year, and certainly one of the loudest. Dudes just easily one of my favorite artists in electronic music right now.

  • I can imagine the volume would approach earth shattering

  • he was louder than Boris was last weekend, to give you a sense of perspective.

  • brockhampton @ CFG so super soon.

  • Both Weyes Blood and Stereolab are playing in Sydney in March.

    gonna try and score tickets to them!!

  • Damn, same lineup or two different shows?

  • Wait, Stereolab are back together?

  • If it were the same lineup I’d fckin die, but no. The shows are like 4 days apart though. I’m gonna have to get that whole week off of work. :p

    And yeah Manatee, they’ve reformed for some reunion shows to coincide with the reissues of their back catalogue.

    theyve been going around the US for the past month or so.

  • Should I see Liturgy next weekend?

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    They're playing with Girl Pusher, so Yes. - i'd see that show too but that's a busy weekend for events

  • That new Liturgy song was flames

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    Yeah I’m surprised they haven’t announced a new album by now. That song was one of the best things they’ve ever done.

  • I’m seeing MONO the night before so I’ll see how I feel then.

  • Twigs was sublime

  • MONO show was frankly really disappointing. A once-in-a-lifetime chance to see them with an orchestra and they pretty much only play the new album, maybe one or two old songs. It’s up there with Have a Nice Life as one of the more disappointing shows this year.

    Liturgy, though, were awesome.

  • I liked the new Cult of Luna album a lot, but do I like it enough to go to their concert on a tuesday night and risk coronavirus? Ehhh nah

  • saw stereolab live

    they played some favourites (Brakhage, Percolator, Need to Be) and jammed out some of the noisier tracks like Lo Boob Oscilator and Metronomic Underground ... a lil sore that a few tracks they've played on the tour (Rainbo Conversation, Infinity Girl, Nihilist Assault Group) weren't played, but it was still transcendent, made me so fucking happy.

    I can die now.

  • I loved that new Cult of Luna record, one of their best imho

  • @TTK got my tix to see them next month pretty hyped

  • hype!!

    i was like 5 feet from Laetita, it was surreal

  • You probably got in at the right time because every tour I can think of is getting cancelled right now. YOB show is apparently still happening as of now but wouldn’t be surprised at this point if it gets canned.

  • Actually scratch that it’s cancelled

  • Dry Cleaning is coming to town- they're an opening act. i wander if it's worth just popping in for that and bouncing. i kind of think so.

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