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  • Sufjan's show is absolutely worth it
  • lollapalooza day 1 was really fun. favorite shows of the day were hot chip and flying lotus; they both absolutely killed it. alabama shakes was also good, but i was too far back to fully appreciate it. paul mccartney was cool to see as well (he had a lot more energy than i thought). my only kind-of disappointment was father john misty. it seemed a little lifeless (especially next to hot chip), but again, i was sort of far back
  • tame impala was really fucking good. it was almost like a shoegaze concert at times--increasingly large waves of synth-y psychedelia with kevin's buried vocals anchoring the melodies. it was just an hour-long euphoric trip. new songs translated very well to the live context. but i was most excited that they played "alter ego"--it was the one track i was dying to hear at the last show that they didn't play
  • Yeah, TI is a really good live band. 
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    I just saw Speedy Ortiz at 2:30am in a bowling alley.

  • man that looks cool as fuck.
  • Badass! I imagine it was quite fun. 
  • I've seen them twice, but I might consider seeing them again cause Tribulation is opening.
  • I'm stoked, I love Sunbather but I've seen them play that material a whole bunch so I'm excited to hear the new shit. Tribulation is an interesting opener, I streamed a bit of their record earlier today and was surprisingly pretty into it. I heard them described as Ghost-like by some people but I don't hear that
  • Nah, they don't sound like Ghost, I like the new record. I saw them when they toured for Roads To Judah as well and that was almost as good as hearing Sunbather front to back.
  • I miss hearing the Roads to Judah stuff a little tbh I haven't heard them play "Violet" in a long time and that's still one of my favorite tunes of theirs
  • also seeing Tim Hecker with Tyondai Braxton next week
  • goddamn you
  • going to a metal show tonight and that Tim Hecker show tomorrow yeeeeeee
  • I'm seeing Godspeed You! Black Emperor on 9/09 and I'm seeing Chelsea Wolfe on 9/11, gonna be an awesome week 
  • never forget
  • oh my lord tim hecker. no words, no words.
  • what is his live performance like?

    is it him behind a console with buttons and knobs, or is there live instrumentation?
  • buttons and knobs, but the sound system at this place was so great (and I was right in front so that helped) that you felt like you were in the music. he wasn't as loud as Sunn O))) but it kinda reminded me of seeing them in the way that his sounds vibrated through my body, just had a strong physical reaction to the music. it sounds cliche but it was seriously trance inducing

    Tyandai Braxton was off the hook, sometimes really beat driven and explosive and colorful but other times really sparse and abstract. maybe his stuff would work better in that live environment but I'm curious to see if I'd be into his new record given how solid he was.

    and the opener was someone named Pod Blotz and she really surprised me, not quite sure how to describe her other than industrial drone with occasional harsh noise tendencies. was very impressed
  • What was the metal show you went to?
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    Bongzilla with Primitive Man

    and I'm seeing Nails and Terrorizer next week too, moar metal 4 robby
  • Run the Jewels in oct day before Deafheaven yeeeeah
  • Death Grips tomorrow  3:-O
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    dang you're going to the Pomona show? Have fun homie didn't know you lived in socal btw
  • beach house right now
  • they are playing through andy stott's faith in strangers right now. rlly impressed, that was my favorite album of 2014
  • they're 18 min through already, so fuckin good
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    I'm glad. Seeing them on the 26th of September with Jessica Pratt. 
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