What Are You Seeing



  • you won't be disappointed. they are fucking incredible live.
  • wait Beach House played Faith in Strangers? uh..how?
  • no no faith in strangers was played at the venue in between the opener and beach house

    show was goddamn transcendent
  • that was probably obvious to everyone else  L-)
  • man i was front row for death grips literally worst idea ever 
  • we stole mc rides shirt though
  • Godspeed round two 9/09 @ 9:30 club, Chelsea Wolfe @U St Music Hall on 9/11
  • got Stars of the Lid and Chelsea next month. also I might be going to Knotfest (shut up, the first day is pretty cool actually)
  • Mc ride owns a shirt?
  • i'm pretty sure he always wears something when he isn't on stage. it's probably his only one though lol 
  • @Robby Gwar and Mastodon are worth the one day ticket price for Saturday alone.
  • About to see Ought at the Village Underground in London. Will report back. Was quite underwhelmed with Suns Coming Up.
  • Kanye is performing 808s in full on his new tour, an idea almost as dumb as performing Yeezus in full
  • I thought it was only 2 shows.

    also 808s is a good album so I'm absolutely fine with it.
  • oh it might only be 2 shows, still dumb and a wasted opportunity when he could perform a better album like Late Registration instead
  • lol, the whole idea is dumb just because it's not the exact album you'd want to hear from him in full?
  • precisely
  • it's ambitious, I'll give him that
  • @Robby I love your indignance and I aspire to achieve it.
  • Kanye is not at a point in his career where he should be doing these shows where he performs one of his classic albums in its entirety anyway.
  • i've really been warming up to kanye lately. still think mbdtf is the most overrated album of the 10's 
  • It's probably some Tame Impala like album that I'm too cool to listen to.
  • at this point i really wouldn't be surprised if ye detox'd swish

    and speaking of MBDTF I kinda realized that after "Devil in a New Dress" that album gets weaker as it goes along. I may be the only homie that thinks Graduation is way better but I'm cool widdat
  • ur joking right? runaway, hell of a life, lost in the world, and who will survive in america are all highlights
  • I used to love Runaway but I kinda realized that I never wanna sit through it. same goes for Blame Game, and Hell of a Life was always really boring. I like Lost in the World but it doesn't match up to the first 8 tracks
  • who will survive in america ends with a canned applause. it seriously almost ruins the whole album in hindsight.
  • man ur trippin, lost in the world is easily one of the best on the album. & the applause is just fine--it's easy to nitpick but the song itself is so interesting and makes for a great closer
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