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  • i'm with Robby on this one, the album drops off after Devil In A New Dress. Except I rate Runaway highly. But yeah...you can keep the rest. Especially Lost In The World, I have never got the love for that song.
  • what's always bummed me out about Runaway is that it's kind of a waste of a Pusha T feature
  • Devil in a Red Dress is my fave track on the record by far,

    the sample is beautiful, and the live instrumentation in the second half gives the track so much body.It even makes Rick Ross sound good, and that's a feat.
    The main thing which Kanye does that I'm so enamoured by is his marrying of hip hop instrumentals and real instrumentation. 
    The way he incorporates the stuff is really interesting and often grand without seeming overblown. 

    I mean I feel he struck that vein the best on Late Registration, but he's done it a few times since, and he pretty much always does it well.
  • speaking of Pusha does anyone else think Kanye is biting his flow a little on "Dark Fantasy" or is it just me?
  • mbdtf is starting to sound kinda dated imo. it just feels so incredibly of it's time and that time was too recent for it to evoke any serious nostalgia for me... a lot of my friends agree about that so i feel like its a safe oppinion to share here lol
  • all of Kanye's albums sound pretty dated, even the ones i love
  • They probably get dated pretty easily considering the influence they have on trends in hip-hop. Not that EVERYONE follows him, but a good amount of artists do. So he ends up sounding so entrenched in the era he made the album in.
  • I never really saw him as an innovator, more just ambitiously working within the confines of the commercial hip hop formula.

    He never really led the pack, at least for me, in terms of creativity.

    That was Outkast. if you want to talk about commercial hip hop which was also innovative, just look to Aquemini, or at least that's what I feel.
  • I don't really think anyone was as grandiose in hip hop before him. Could Kendrick Lamar do what he's doing without MBDTF? I mean he could but it seems pretty unlikely.
  • I hear more Outkast in TPAB than Kanye.

    if that's how you wanna look at things.
  • I don't mean TPAB specifically as much as I mean the path he began with Section.80
  • I don't know.

    I'm tired, I'm probably not thinking correctly,

    I just fee; that while some had an entirely new vision, Kanye's was just a widened vision of what mainstream rap could be.
    He's never taken any *risks* per say, but his music is just really well produced, written and thought out.

    once again, please take my comments with a grain of salt, I'm tired as fuck.
  • I hear way more Aquemini in all of Kendrick's work than Kanye. Kanye isn't responsible for every music on the world
  • I'm pretty sure he's actually responsible for everything in every genre.

    Viking metal = Yeezy
    Shoegaze = Kanye
    Dubstep = Mr. West
  • So rather than influencing people towards a certain style or trend in music, Kanye is influencing or challenging artists to, as the article talks about, not have any boundaries in music... right?
  • My basic point was that Kanye made ambition in hip hop cool. Of course someone like Kendrick has a wide variety of influences.
  • I think his influence goes pretty far past ambition lol all day has been out for like a few months and rap this summer has already reflected it. Not to mention that late 2000s rap was basically just kanye and people copying kanye in the main stream
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    yo nick, 808s wasn't a risk? yeezus wasn't a risk?

    these were bold albums, among the boldest of any figure in popular music in the 21st century
  • and i agree with kyle. the ambition--what a single artist could do in hip hop--is possibly kanye's biggest footprint. kendrick's music doesn't have to sound like kanye's for there to be an influence in terms of its scope
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    I have yet to see a single convincing argument that Yeezus is even close to the bold, cutting edge record people say it is. It felt more like Kanye jumping on the industrial hip hop trend to me.

    808s I'll give you to an extent, but it's not nearly "among the boldest of any figure in popular music in the 21st century," it was mostly a personal risk for Kanye. there's nothing on that record that is musically risky or ambitious outside of that context.
  • 808s was kind of the first big thing in feels hop. It set the stage for people like Drake to do the thing he's been so commercially successful at.
  • real talk: I heard "Heartless" on the radio for at least 3 months until I realized it was a Kanye record. I assumed it was Chris Brown or something.
  • feels hop
  • yeah kanye hoppin on the industrial hip hop train like all those other mainstream rappers

    bringing such a harsh sound to a record as one of the best-selling artists in the world is bold. underground hip hop has been getting noisier, yes, but thrusting that inaccessible sound into the popular sphere is risky, no? the very divisive public reaction reflects that risk i think.

    i don't think it's necessarily the most bold move ever, but it's the harshest and most intentionally unlikeable #1 record i've heard in... i dunno, ever? that's gotta count for something
  • i give kanye huge credit for taking the risk of releasing an album like yeezus. His ability to make a song like Bound 2 popular is really really something special. I absolutely detest the record but I love what it stands for. its hard not to as an avid music listener
  • Yeezus is not very harsh. I honestly believe that with a few exceptions its earnestly one of his most generic and reactionary albums. And as far as content goes I think Kanye's thrown that out the window a long time ago.

    I don't think we're ever gonna see eye to eye on Kanye, lol
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    and hopping on to sounds coming from the underground is something mainstream artists do increasingly more often, how do you think trap rap production became as ubiquitous as it is now?
  • you're right, yeezus is not very harsh--in the context of all music. but in terms of popular music, where kanye exists, it's a bold statement IMO
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