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  • let it also be known I'm not the biggest Yizzus fan.

    I've yet to "love" one of his albums.
  • hmm i don't see the generic or reactionary criticisms. yeezus sounds pretty much nothing like death grips. it's a unique blend of noisy hip hop and pop music & i haven't heard another record like it. if you have some similar sounding albums then i'd love to hear them. not all albums with industrial noises and rapping sound the same, nor is innovation dead in that subgenre
  • nah nah not like death grips at all, i actually think it's more reactionary to mainstream trends honestly
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    oh could you elaborate on that? genuinely interested, i'm sure there were some noiser songs preceding it in the mainstream. but it's still notable that kanye went all-in and created a really unique-sounding album that holds up as a cohesive statement, regardless of whether you like the particular statement
  • see i don't think he went all-in - you get Hold My Liquor, Blood on the Leaves, Guilt Trip, Send it Up, really the last half of the record up until Bound 2 (which I love). all of those songs feel incredibly trendy, more trendy than people that call this album a bona fide noise hop success care to admit
  • the first track was alright from what i remember but kinda boring, Black Skinhead is fun and pretty catchy but the SNL performance was frankly better and that song is more radio-ready than people give it credit for, I Am a God is pretty stupid and boring, and New Slaves is great. two tracks I genuinely love on that whole album and then a whole lotta whatever
  • you might be right about his not going all-in. but he went more in than anyone else in his position, so that's notable. i would have probably prefered a rawer album like that SNL cut--but i still like what we got quite a bit
  • also i'm in it is one of the best songs on the album and deserves mention. took a while to click for me but when it did it was amazing. production is absolutely unreal
  • to be 110% honest I don't even remember that one, lemme check that one out and get back to you
  • holy crap oneohtrix point never and James Ferraro on your boy's birthday
  • happy birthday
  • I saw Dai Burger on a whim last night and it was faaaantastic.

  • godspeed in two hours
  • Shit i might see them tomarro tell me how it is
  • Back in Sydney over Christmas so I just bought tickets to see Jessica Pratt and Julia Holter on the 8th & 9th of December, both at Newtown Social Club. So fucking happy with that.
  • my ears are ringing, and my head is foggy. that was a punishing and amazing show. they played some of my absolute favorite godspeed songs: sleep, storm, and mladic. they also played a new song, and it was great.

    i somehow snagged a spot in the second row, so i felt the full brunt of every climax. a lot of the time there was this thick carpet of noise--endlessly escalating--and i wasn't sure if i was hearing melodies or hallucinating them. but soon enough, the melody would come in strongly enough that i could convince myself i was actually hearing it. this phenomenon caused me to be unsure of whether i was listening to mladic or a similar-sounding drone for the first five minutes. fucking awesome stuff
  • I saw them Saturday and it was real good even thought I was absolutely exhausted for it after a busy day. I was pretty close to the front, they played Storm and Moya. I really dug the visuals they had playing behind them during the set, I thought it added a lot. 
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    They played most of East Hastings and Moyà, the new album, and 2 new tracks at the show I saw. So beautiful the new tracks were especially exciting. I still haven't seen Sleep live though and I really want that to happen before I die. The projections this time matched last time I think. Ugh they are such a wonderful band and their live show is nearly unbeatable for me.
  • My plans to see them fell thru lol
  • stars of the lid and chelsea wolfe were both incredibly emotionally exhausting. it was awesome
  • damn seeing godflesh and prurient this friday this month is gonna be lit as far as shows go
  • Godflesh and Prurient sounds punishing af.
  • And wow, Stars of The Lid is touring? Do they have a new record coming out?
  • were touring. and they only played like 3 cities, it was only for the reissue of their last 2 albums
  • trust me, if they had something new out, I'd be talking about it quite a bit.
  • December Hunting for Vegetarian Fuckface was...I can't even describe it. It just became more intense as it went along and there was a section that was so loud and dissonant, it became nothing like the original piece. it was one of the most surreal live experiences i've had
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