Hype 2017

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Time to start the 2017 hype.


I don't know how to feel about this, it's way more poppy than their last two records.


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    This is going to be rad


    The name of the album is actually Black Origami, the first single will be called Dark Lotus.
  • ooh psyched for that, need more interesting footwork in my life
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    Yes it will be rad. I saw her live and she played mostly new stuff and I think we're in for something truly groundbreaking if what I heard in her live show makes the album.
  • ....so I guess Attack on Memory was a fluke then....
  • Their first two albums were quite poppy so I guess they're returning to that sound, I liked the songs on those albums more than this one.
  • it's not like they haven't made good pop songs since then, "Stay Useless" and "I'm Not a Part of Me" and "Quieter Today" are all great. but this just sounds so tame, like they want it to be played on alt rock radio in between blink 182 and Foo Fighters songs
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    And the sad thing is it's not going to be nearly as successful as a single as "I'm Not Part of Me" or "Stay Useless"
  • I'm hyped regardless of if it's poppy. Attack on Memory is the pinnacle for me (Holy shit have I listened to that album a lot) but I liked their last album too. If Pop Punk is a spectrum, they're still a lot closer to the Punk side than Pop.
  • I'm glad I saw them at their peak, their set before Fucked Up at FYF 2012 was ungodly incredible. saw them play with Dino Jr. the next year with @thejigisup and they were much less energetic
  • ^ easily most hyped of 2017 for me, even considering hypotheticals (normal ones not portishead)
  • Boris have been posting studio photos...so maaaaaaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • I just hope it's something substantial, they haven't released anything that great in awhile. Noise was just ok.
  • Portishead would be amazing, although I wouldn't hold my breath. Criticize me if you want, but there is a chance Smashing Pumpkins will release a new album next year with the original members, and nostalgia has my hype levels up even though it might not be that great if it does happen.
  • If somebody mentions Cake, I'll blow up the internet.
  • Cake should totally put out a new album
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    Kelela's debut LP will be out next year as well, which is gonna be great I think.

    Charli XCX will probably come out with an album next year if she doesn't get it out before the end of this year (unlikely cuz the first single's video shoot was just finished)

    Also Tinashe's Joyride *should* come out sometime next year considering it was slated for February of this year. This spectacular single and video from the album:

    Makes it certainly one of my most anticipated releases from next year. If every song is the quality of Superlove and Company, we will have a pop classic on our hands. (The inferior Player, Ride of Your Life, and Party Favors aren't appearing on the album).
  • I'd think it would be cool to have either Smashing Pumpkins or a Cake album from original members of either band in 2017.
  • It's all but confirmed that original Smashing Pumpkins are touring next year, and Corgan has hinted at the possibility of a new record, but we'll have to see.
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    I will probably cry if Tinashe's label fucks her over for a whole additional calendar year.

    Also Azealia Banks said Business & Pleasure is imminent, so I'm assuming an early 2017 release. She's signed with RZA now which is good. I'm excited to hear how a proper album of hers not made up of any previously released singles will sound.
  • She's a frustrating artist. When she's on she's great, but her releases so far have been a tad inconsistent. The singles are always the best tracks on the tapes.
  • Also, I have to try really hard to seperate the art from the artist, because she annoys me to no end.
  • She called Zayn a "S*** N*****" for pete's sake. If there's ever and excuse to ignorre potentially decent music based on an artist's character, it's here. Not saying that if you do listen to her you're wrong for doing that, of course.
  • Azalea's reputation is so toxic that I can't see me or most people ever taking her seriously as an artist. i take Iggy more seriously than her, and that says something
  • Don't most of y'all listen to Swans though. I mean I do too, but like.
  • And Kanye? has also said deplorable things. David Bowie? has too. So have many artists. I consider Azealia to be one of the greatest artistic visionaries of our generation and I know that's a very unpopular opinion but I think her work is astonishing and she could murder someone in cold blood and I'd still be a huge fan.
  • I'm sure I've seen Burzum talk here too.
  • Varg is a literal piece of shit and has one great album.
  • neither Kanye, Gira nor Bowie have called someone a "sand nigger" (plus I think there's reasonable doubt in Gira's case, but that's another story)
  • also let's be real, Azalea will never put out anything near as good as the albums of those three artists. she'll never even make a Life of Pablo
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