Name That Song!

based on very small lyrical snippets. i'll go first (no googling!):



  • Radiohead!
  • Creep!
  • Creep by Radiohead!
  • Radiocreep
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    Creepin on ah come up

  • i should have known this would happen

    here's more of the lyrics:

    CREEPIN down the back street on these
  • Dr. Dre
  • I would have gone with Gambino's Redbone after the initial clue
  • robby got it! the classic "let me ride." anyone can go next. my initial clue, while admittedly in probably many songs, was supposed to be helped by the capitalization. the goal is to pick a fragment that seems vague at first pass but is highly recognizable to any fan of the song. for example, "JUST A SEC MORE" and "i heard that you missed your connecting flight"
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    ok mine's probably too easy (hopefully not insultingly so)

    jumbled pile of person
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    oh shit did i kill this thread?

    sorry guys and girls

    someone save it!
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    prodigal fuck
  • The problem with using lyrics is it's either too vague, or specific enough where you can just google it.

    I mean I know it's Where Your Eyes Don't Go, but you google that phrase + lyrics and it comes up.

    I've seen incarnations of this game on other forums, I'll get some ideas ready for you guys soon.
  • well, the idea is you 1) don't google 'cause that's no fun and 2) keep adding words if people don't get it (as i did). if no one's getting it just spill the beans or do another song
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    Sorry dude, I was being rude, I need peeps to keep me in check, thanks.
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    i don't think you were being rude at all! fair to point out a potential issue with lyrics - i mean, the thread hasn't been super active anyway. i'll give one a shot, though:

    when the light pressed up against your shoulder blades
  • Joladadijoladadijoladadijoladadi
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    There are a lot of songs with this word. You can find it even in lord of ocean free here. "Creep" and "Free here" not the only songs with this word
  • i don't feel like buying shoes k thnx
  • we can always count on spam to bump my abandoned old threads XD
  • I forget what song mine was
  • @ttk my guess is the Eminem song of the same name?
  • you right!


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