2019 loved list

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hey why not start now

Barshasketh - s/t (8/10)
Malibu Ken - s/t (8/10)

MONO - Nowhere Now Here
Future - The Wizrd

Currently spinning:
Altarage - The Approaching Roar
Blockhead - Free Sweatpants
Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow

lemme know what I'm missing here


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    2019 Music

    Loved List:
    Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow
    Mowg - Burning OST

    Deerhunter - Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?
    James Blake - Assume Form
  • I thought that Barshaketh album was kinda boring. Cover art is decent tho
  • aw man I thought it was some top notch black metal
  • what are the metal records you've been digging so far?
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    To be honest I haven’t really listened to much from this year. I heard this OSDM record by a band called Ossuariam and that was pretty boring too. I’ve been getting into older stuff. Been really digging The Crown lately. Hell Is Here is my fucking jam. Deathrace King is badass too.
  • Same. I haven't heard much from this year aside from the new Altarage. I've been spinning Katalepsy's last album from 2016, Gravenous Hour, a lot lately.
  • Are they considered slam?
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    This is now metal thread part 2 lol
  • @ManateeMaster Autopsychosis is definitely slam, Gravenous Hour is mostly brutal with some slam influence.
  • Fans of their slam stuff were mad they switched (especially the shift away from slam production), but I think Gravenous Hour is amazing brutal dm, so I'm fine with the shift.
  • I don’t really like slam but I’m pretty sure I heard that one and I was surprised
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    I’ve been fairly addicted to the last Un album which came out back in September. If that cane out now it would easily be my AOTY.
  • I’ve been in the mood for riffs lately. I need riffs. Let’s move this to the actual metal thread and give me some killer riffs.
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    I haven't listened to anything enough to really consider it a loved,

    but Jessica Pratt, duendita, Steve Gunn, William Tyler and Deerhunter have impressed me in the first 6 weeks of the year,

    also got James Blake, Toro Y Moi, Girlpool, Christoph De Babalon, Sneaks, Malibu Ken, and Leon Vynehall's DJ Kicks in the rotation as well
  • Jessica Pratt is on top of my list at this moment. Such a great record.
  • jessica pratt and ariana grande are strong contenders
  • ariana grande just keeps getting better
  • Yeah its very interesting, any theories behind that?
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    She has such a finger on the pulse right now, I wonder how that data was collected and processed
  • yea I dunno I feel like it’s a combination of a lot
    of talent, surrounding herself with some equally talented people and being willing to take more risks than the average pop star
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  • prolly has something to do w monte lipman
  • sophie (emphasis mine) is my favorite song of the year so far

  • Le Butcherettes - 7/10
    they have an instense presence and the music matches. 9/10 live!

    Late to:
    Lizzo - but i like "Big Grrl Small World" and both the single
    Delta 5 _very_late
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    Helium Horse Fly - Hollowed (9/10)
    KK Null - Abiogenesis (8/10)
    Mo'ynoq - Dreaming in a Dead Language (8/10)
    ALTARAGE - The Approaching Roar (7/10)
    Le Butcherettes - bi/MENTAL (7/10 - thanks @demikat!)
    Dream Theater - Distance Over Time (7/10)

    On deck:
    Ariana Grande - Thank U, Next
    Krallice - Wolf
    Ossuarium - Living Tomb
    Banabila & Machinefabriek - Entropia
  • formalizing this so i have a list to add to later

    *the good*

    default genders - main pop girl 2019 (9-9.5/10)
    Ariana Grande - thank u, next (7.5/10)
    Jessica Pratt - Quiet Signs (7.5/10)

    *the bad*

    james blake - assume form (4/10)
  • i need to start writing shit down, feel like i'm already missing a couple
  • That's why I use rym to keep track of this stuff
  • Jessica Pratt - Quiet Signs
    DJ Lucas - Big Bleep Music Vol. 3
    Ariana Grande - Thank U, Next
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