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  • Can anyone "Fantano" the new Leugim and Selpats Ecniv? Maybe reFantano Enam Ylgu Lil for a bro?
  • Thanks for you hard work, @Ocaml.
  • Looks like vanilla forums has their own collection of themes, and themeforest has some really nice looking themes as well. I don't want this to be a repeat of muut, but if enough people decide they want a themeforest theme, maybe we could have people pitch in to pay for it?
  • I like the white. Makes it less noticeable that I'm slacking at work.
  • Do we want to go back to 100 posts per page?
  • Can we do 69 per page?
  • thank you mr ocaml! i have shed my former numbers and simply become Dom
  • I am overjoyed at the return of the forum
  • Decent little mix of mopey or depressing and under-appreciated Dylan tracks:

    Up to Me - 1974 - 6:17

    Dark Eyes - 1985 - 5:08

    Not Dark Yet - 1997 - 6:29

    Abandoned Love - 1975 - 4:26

    I’m Not There - 1975 - 5:12

    Dirge - 1974 - 5:34

    Most of the Time (Tell Tale Signs Outtake) - 1989 - 3:35

    Shooting Star - 1989 - 3:12

  • I'm gonna start saying blackhorse instead of dropbox. If anyone asks what it is and how to join I'm gonna respond "we are all blackhorse" and never elaborate.
  • are any of you finding that the "jump to new" feature doesn't work? it properly says "6 new" or something and even jumps there, but then it jumps back to the beginning of the thread. pretty annoying
  • agreed with second planet about the index.php link--i had that bookmarked as well. also, it'd be cool if "Forum" was one of the options on the top bar, but i guess this isn't really a priority
  • holy crap I'm seeing stars of the lid in september
  • Theres no emoticons on mobile wft i wanted to do an envy face
  • edited July 2015
    emoticons are off right now. We haven't enabled all the plugins we had over there yet.
  • Went up to Niagara Falls to walk around and grab lunch with my Mom today.

    photo 6E25C6F0-ACDD-45A8-B269-A0A0BF1BBC99.jpg
  • so for some reason because of Apple music (I think?) I can no longer add music manually, which is kinda dumb for someone that listens to a lot of shit not on Apple music

    anyone have any ideas to fix this?
  • I haven't tried to sync music yet but I feel like that would be a huge story if it was a widespread issue.

    did you update iOS or iTunes without updating the other? It could be a compatibility issue.
  • man, thats beautiful Kile.
  • edited July 2015
    It's even better from goat island or across the gorge on the Canadian side. It's one of those things that's impressive no matter how many times I've seen in it in my life.
  • Anyone catch the Women's World Cup final today?
  • nope. i'm ashamed because i'm an american currently living in japan. oh well.

    also i'd love a good assplanting of talk talk's the colour of spring if anyone could oblige
  • I'm kinda amazed how many people have found the new forum considering there's no longer a link on Anthony's site to here. You would pretty much have to know that there's a forum and know the link to find this place.
  • well...theneedledrop.com/forum isn't too hard
  • ...if you know it exists
  • ...

    hey, yeah. Why isn't there a link to the forum here. We're like a closed off community.
  • he's ashamed of us
  • we're dirty.

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