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  • we are all blackhorse
  • it's kind of odd that he wouldn't want to attract more people here, given that there are ads that would make him some money. if he linked the forum on the top, tweeted about it, and maybe posted here every so often, he could generate some serious revenue
  • you should be his financial adviser. 
  • i'll do it. anthony, hire me today and i can guarantee you'll become the internet's richest music nerd

    seriously, though, site traffic is directly correlated to ad views and therefore $$$$. i don't know why he wouldn't want to advertise the forum
  • Hey guys, I had tried to link the forum on the top bar of the site but it's full right now - Anthony's enraged face is in the way! There is a button on the lower right of the home page tho. I'd definitely like it more visible as well - I collect the ad rev lol.
  • Thanks Austen for being a swell guy
  • Sweet! That's awesome to hear, Austen. 
  • Thank you for being swell, Kyle! All of you for that matter - esp Evan for getting this shit together!

    I'm having Anthony promote this place on twitter in the meantime. Cool?
  • I'm slightly weary of the ensuing trolling but go for it, it's good for the site
  • It'll be alright, there was a link on his old site too.

    besides, we've got spam filters and a fuckload of admins... we'll be fine.
  • fine with me. its cool to have a lot of activity here
  • well unless that activity is beefin.

    RIP TND Forums beef era
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    Okee I gave Anthony the go-ahead.

    I wanna be a lil more attentive here, but if something comes up y'all can always reach me at tndausten@gmail.com

  • Anthony tweeting about the forum immediately resulted in 11 new members.
  • Hey The Record Spins is dissing another irrelevant reviewer
  • What what's going on with  all of the new threads. 
  • Mods. I may not be a mod, but I would support mass thread deletion. But maybe after this onslaught. 
  • I'm working on it.
  • Kyle, you are a saint and I do not envy your position as mod. 
  • TJ I'm making you an admin, help me delete threads
  • Add anyone who wants to be a mod (that's one of our regulars) unfortunately I don't have the time to deal with it.
  • Da fuq happened here?
  • Aw crap. I didn't know anybody could make threads. I can help if you want
  • Annihilate these people please
  • On it.
  • I turned off posting ability for basic members until we deal with this so it should at least stop
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