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  • I just got called a faggot on pm by a bunch of people. Classy. 
  • I'm getting it really bad too, it's pretty dumb.
  • what the FUCK

    i'm sorry i ever suggested that tweet. should have known because of anthony's meme-ability. i suppose a trickle-in is certainly better than any sort of mass arrival. still agree with making the forum link more visible on the site itself (since presumably only interested music fans will actually visit the site and then click on the forum), but yeah, twitter is no good
  • wtf i leave the forum for a couple hours to go to a death grips shows and this shit happens
  • death grips show was beautiful btw
  • There was so much spam. We got invaded by some idiots at KanyeToThe
  • i wanna see death grips but it's expensive and I'm broke :(
  • let's hope there are at least a few actual new users (like liam) who give a silver lining to this mess
  • no pressure Liam but you've pretty much gotta turn us around on new users entirely
  • It's up to you guy
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    The Dissolve is dead.

    Just further proof that writing on the internet isn't sustainable.

    I'm blind and didn't see we have a new movies thread. Carry on, civilians.
  • no, let it spread. let the outrage infect ALL the threads. 
  • The cover art for "Dumb Flesh" hurts my eyes.
  • Hey I found out about this forum through theneedledrop's tweet so I'm glad you guys did it
  • Do a lot of people think this place is new? I guess he doesn't really promote it.

    Anyway some incarnation of this forum has existed since December 2010. (Or maybe it was 2011? I forget)
  • If I'm not mistaken, this is Needle Drop Forums 3.0, actually.
  • I think this is the 4th actually.

    5th if you count the MUUT era
  • good googly moogly
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    Hey guys, I'm looking for a bit of pet advice...

    A few weeks ago, my friend went away for a month so I was left in charge of his corn snake. All I had to do was change his water every few days. The other day I was changing his water and I couldn't see him anywhere. I thought nothing of it, and carried on with my day. The next day I checked back again and I still couldn't find him anywhere. I took out all his apparatus and what not and he was nowhere to be seen. I think he must be loose in the house somewhere. I've searched the place top to bottom more than once since then, and I can't find him anywhere. I've left some food traps out too but nothing so far. Does anyone have any experience with anything like this happening? I'm out of ideas. The thing is, we live in quite an old house with a lot of cracks and gaps in the floorboards/walls, so I'm scared he my have gone through one and if that's the case he could be anywhere. I don't know how he got out but I'm dreading telling my friend, as he left me in charge and I feel responsible.
  • that's a tough one. You should probably just come clean and apologize. I've heard snakes are very hard to find once they get out of their cage... it could be anywhere including outside the house.
  • it was 2010, I started to be here around 2011 and you guys already had a thriving community then.
  • Kyle and Danny and I...the last active OG's from 2010?
  • Austin too-ish
  • Mark was definitely here day one.

    I think Steve too? and I think Robbie was a lurker back then.
  • I did that on purpose, Robby
  • where is robby, anyway? haven't seen him posting lately
  • Are you saying that you haven't noticed his EXISTENCE around here?
  • homie I'm the only one in forum world that could bitch about a music festival as extensively as I did a couple days back
  • oh LOL i had no idea. i thought i'd been conversing with a stranger this whole time
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