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  • now that a lot of us don't have pics it's tough to keep track when people change their names
  • existential rob
  • like that name because i like existence the same way i like existence
  • I miss the old forum
  • I'm glad Anthony Fantano quit being so corny
  • I dunno if that's a burn or not
  • @gnar I miss the old posts, but I still think this is a positive thing for us. We shouldn't have to worry about being down for days at a time anymore.
  • this forum kicks ass homie
  • yeah, for me the forum is about the people, not the posts or the layout, and it seems pretty much everyone has come across, so I'm pretty cool at this point.
  • yeah im super pysched that everyone made their way over here and are chillen
  • Is that Shootyman guy on here like?
  • i'm pretty happy about this forum and the lack of bonk-ness. also the new membership is exciting
  • Barring our little episode the other day
  • Yeah, where is Shooty? Haven't seen him yet.
  • Yeah didn't mean to come off ungrateful for Ocaml's wonderful work. I was half kidding
  • That's weird, Kyle. 
    that's a phenomena which doesn't exactly happen in Australia...probably because the country barely has enough room in places which aren't desert, farmland or protected by the government for one reason or another.

    Nothing really seems to get abandoned, and there aren't that many "ghost towns", or at least as far as being completely abandoned.
  • I'm confused.

    I'm sad because that article about terrible rail stations used Buffalo's as the lead image. Not because I'm upset about it, but because they were right to.
  • anyone watching this wimbledon final? tense as fuck.
  • Federer frustrating me. Too many unforced errors and a poor first serve percentage are killing me!
  • me too. agh.
  • at least he's been ace at the net
  • djokobitch
  • awww yeah

  • Is that worth listening to, Robby?
  • I'm not Robby, but I thought it was pretty interesting.

    At times it seems Neil is a little caught of guard by how in depth the questions Anthony asks are, but he normally is able to step up and give his own taken on the issues which are raised.
    Neil seems to be a little modest in the aspect that he just sees his music as a bit of a joke and that he himself doesn't listen to music all that much, so someone going so analytical could be an exercise in futility, but he's very gracious and, like I said, answers all of Anthony's questions with a lot of thought and effort.

    Worth a listen.
  • Would it be fun to have a topic where we can post pictures of our latest vinyl purchases?
  • There was a vinyl thread on the old forum.
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