Jesus is King

Its actually pretty good lol



  • Lets like really talk about this one

  • if anyone was expecting or hoping for Ultralight Beam: The Album, you’ll be mega disappointed

  • You’re my Chic-fil-a

  • I didn’t even finish it

  • watchu think of follow god manatee?

  • Neither did he

  • Nah this is just flat-out bad. The Yandhi leak is legitimately much better than this. He pushed this thing back a full month and he still wasn’t able to come up with a mix that doesn’t sound like absolute shit? I was no fan of Ye but that album is sounding a whole lot better in comparison with this.

  • What’s so off about the mixing? I do a little mixing in my free time and nothing came across particularly flagrant to me.

  • i guess i listened on speakers instead of headphones so i could have missed it

  • Much better mixing than ye actually imo

  • kanye hasnt released a finished song in years lol

  • @Shootymane dude literally everything in the mix is clipping like crazy I don’t know how you can’t notice that. In general the mixes on his albums have gotten worse and worse since TLOP.

  • this is in a superposition of good and absolutely terrible

  • i rlly cant hear it 🙀

  • i observed the superposition and now i measure it as absolutely terrible

  • You really can’t hear the distortion on every track? Legit surprising.

  • This is straight garbage

  • oh theres def distortion on kanyes vocals he’s been doin that forever

  • it definitely clips a good amount

  • not like.. in a way that really damages the listening too much tho i listen to a lot of low budget music and sometimes u even learn to love the clip

  • like i don't like the album, but the clipping has little to do with why

  • The clipping isn’t the biggest problem on the album, but it’s arguably the most glaring. In terms of sound these are demo-quality at best, and they’re really shitty demos.

    But this just depresses me frankly. I have no problem with Kanye writing songs about his faith but this comes across so forced, preachy, sanctimonious, and insincere. It’s kind of like a recovering alcoholic who becomes an annoying self-righteous evangelical.

  • welp i guess we’re at an impasse discussion wise, you guys have a very extreme concensus here that is somehow entirely asymetrical with what I’ve perceived in the album

    Its such a wonderful topic for reflection, how musical taste-concensus comes about. Good example of the blurring of the objective and subjective

  • I guess I just can’t identify any particularly flagrant elements, the same thing happened to me with the chance album actually

  • it had redeeming qualities, it just wasn't a significant experience to me. the first five songs i was somewhat on board and then slowly faded off and resumed my perpetual quarter life crisis

  • it already has over 3k ratings on RYM

  • Not sure how one can listen to stuff like ye’s “singing” on “God Is” and then be confused as to why people think this album is trash. Like you’re free to like it but it’s pretty obvious to see why someone else wouldn’t.

  • damn album’s been out for like half a day lol

  • my community says different things like ,or really, without quoting others; the sentiment is against Kanye period and remains that way since he put on the maga hat. and in that i agree. i will never see past it when i see or think of him. he's chris brown status of interest. "no stars. ever."

    and the christians i know, the ones still hittin up the tabernacles and Camden baptists, ain't hearin it either.

    it does weird me out alittle, i guess, when I think of audience. who is the audience of this album? just seems like Kanye stans and zealots and i wonder if one could trust what a stan has to say about the thing they like.

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