I watched 3 movies on Sunday and I can't remember what they were.


  • were they adam sandler movies
  • I remember now that 2 of them are Election and Planes, Trains, & Automobiles but I can't remember the other one for the life of me.
  • Election is good. I haven't seen Planes, Trains, & Automobiles in competition. Though I have seen most of it on Comedy Central. 
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    oh it was The World's End. I had to actually text my sister to find out what it was.

    I don't do any drugs, I swear.
  • Oh that's funny! I just rewatched that with my sister last friday. 
  • We actually watched Election with the intent of watching something terrible and it failed in that sense by being a really cool movie.
  • I wasn't huge on it when I watched it.
  • woah so apparently Clerks 3 already started filming

  • I'm really interested to see if Kevin Smith can still make Kevin Smith movies. His flirtations with other genres have just seemed like a huge waste of time for someone who should probably just make the thing he's best at.
  • I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Clerks 2. Before it was initially released, I wasn't expecting much. I hope this one delivers as well
  • Yeah Kevin Smith really needs to know his strengths. He's always been more of a writer than a director and he seemed to know that up until he decided he had formal talent (which he still kinda doesn't)
  • be the Steven Spielberg of people talking to each other about dicks and Star Wars, Kevin.

    though I'm not really interested in seeing the film, this review has a great line;
    "...Magic Mike XXL has Tatum as the main attraction, and he’s become the Fred Astaire of simulated humping. "
  • That is a great line. I'll probably be renting it. I liked the first Magic Mike. 
  • holy crap Back to the Future came out 30 years ago today.
  • What are you guys more hyped for? The new Star Wars or Blade Runner?
  • Star Wars is more sequel ready, so even though I like the team working on Blade Runner more than the team working on Star Wars, I think it has more of a chance of being good. 
  • I still haven't seen Blade Runner so Star Wars
  • I'm not as big of a fan of the original Blade Runner, which I actually think is to my advantage when it comes to being able to appreciate its sequel.
  • I'm more of a Blade Runner fan than Star Wars, but, again, I don't see it making a good sequel. 
  • There's gonna be a Blade Runner sequel, whaaaaa...
  • The Voices

    I was intrigued in this film cuz I liked the director's work Persepolis,
    there are some similarities here, but there's many differences.
    The only similarity that really stuck out for me, is how effectively the film jumped genres, and felt cohesive whilst doing so.

    Bur outside of that, it's almost completely removed from that brilliant animated comedy/drama.
    This is a weird hybrid of awkward silly comedy and dark twisted horror, which I really liked. The film reminded me of May, in how it's about a person who "talks" to things which shouldn't talk, and they don't always have the smartest ideas.
    Ryan Reynolds is this person (named Jerry), and he does a great job. It's a delight watching him live in this nice apartment talking to his cat, dog, and a disembodied head, then he takes his medication and you realise the walls are covered in blood, Jerry is the only one talking, and he has a bunch of tupperware containers full of rotting flesh.

    I feel that the best thing this film does is balance its extremes, with the comedy appearing early, and the horror creeping in, but the comedy never seemed to slow down.
    It's not a laugh a minute, but there are some good chuckles through out the film, even as it progresses into quite dark territory.
    I also simply adore the premise, as it takes that classic cliche of "The voices made me do it!" and turning it into the exact kind of film you'd expect.

  • That sounds like something to check out
  • saw The Tribe today, entirely in untranslated Ukranian sign language and it's riveting
  • I made a hasty list of my 10 favorite films:

    If you guys had to make a list of your 10 favorite films, what would you put on yours?
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    all i know is that mulholland drive, pulp fiction, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, and no country for old men would be there. 

    edit: ha, i wrote that before even seeing that you had two of those. nice.

    edit2: fuck, the social network and her are there too. and probably fargo. maybe i'll try to round out this list later.
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    top ten off the dome;

    annie hall
    synecdoche new york
    mulholland drive
    pulp fiction
    the apartment
  • i'm going to check out the rest of the films on both of your lists because the ones that i've seen i love
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    sorta off the cuff:

    2001: A Space Odyssey
    The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
    Raging Bull
    Mulholland Drive
    Children of Men
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    The Evil Dead
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