General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?

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I listened to Pom Pom today again im luvn it still



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    I'm not listening to anything but I've been fooling around with Apple music and it's pretty nice.

    photo DE6C7650-AC84-4FDC-8773-5FF601051928.png
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  • I like to pretend that my taste is to eclectic for apple music but i know inside it isnt
  • It gets pretty obscure just like Tidal does. It doesn't have anything, but it's got a literal fuckton of stuff.
  • am I allowed to be mad at the Wavves x Cloud Nothings album for sounding like Wavves?
  • It's the same problem I always have with Wavves where the songs have this aura of thinking they're way catchier than they actually are.

    and to cover up how boring it all is they just cake everything in by-the-numbers reverby noise-rock guitars.
  • also the song that was only written by Cloud Nothings dude is twice as good as any other song on the album.
  • fuck this piece of shit. 2/10
  • I haven't listened to it and I won't, cuz I just know it's gonna blow. Deleted.
  • I was hoping some of the ambition of Cloud Nothings would shine through but that so isn't the case.
  • Wavves a shit
  • there's no metal thread yet, so can we talk about imperial triumphant here? abyssal gods is absolutely bonkers, and i love it. the dynamics and genre jumps are incredibly well executed.
  • also i've been promoted above mere messenger since the last forum jump
  • Imperial Triumphant is my metal aoty for sure, followed by the new Abyssal.
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    abyssal + abyssal gods
    that's going to confuse me to no end
  • i need to get on abyssal and imperial triumphant
  • come on kyle i need your horrified reaction to freedom
  • I'm probably gonna listen to it tomorrow
  • I'm expecting like a 4 or 5, not quite this bad.
  • the new Czarface is fucking dope so far btw
  • who are you existence?


  • @TTK you really don't know?
  • the wavves thing isn't good but it's actually way better than I thought it was gonna be. fucking hate the reverb though
  • @Kyle how do you like apple music compared to spotify?
  • I never used Spotify but I like it as much as Tidal. They've got 3 months to convince me it's worth $10 a month I guess.
  • did I miss an inside joke?
    I'm thinking of the references that "existence" could refer to and I'm just coming up blank.

    I'm an old person in many many ways.
  • It's Robby, mane.
  • yeah I wouldn't have gotten that in forever.

    sorry Rob, nothing against you, this is just my old man syndrome.
  • well just pop a squat down at the ol' cracker barrel where i'll sarenade y'all with a tune while i'm whittlin a spell
  • mm mm mm
  • this Muse record, there's fucking Eddie Van Halen worship on one of the songs. this is somehow even more embarassing than Freedom, this is enjoyable in the trainwreckiest of ways
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