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In construction...but it will grow and become more detailed.

But for now, this is the main place to discuss anime and manga.

I'd recommend you watch Ergo Proxy and Black Lagoon.
As far as manga goes, read Battle Angel Alita.


It's pretty good.


  • Dude. I'll be real right now and say that I am such a beginner to this anime shit. Help me be a 100 true 100 otaku daddy by posting ur top 10 anime series all time.

    Keep in mind that I have indeed seen Serial Experiments Lain, Full Metal Alchemist ( & Brotherhood) and Neon Genesis Evangelion. So try not to include those if you were going to.
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    My Top 10

    Samurai Champloo
    Neon Genesis Evangelion  Battle Angel Alita OVA
    Ergo Proxy
    Attack On Titan
    Blue Excorcist
    Black Lagoon
    Hellsing Ultimate OVA
    Physco Pass first season.
  • what would be the show you'd recommend for someone who's never seen an anime?
  • Ergo Proxy, Samurai Champloo, and Black Lagoon

    These shows are pretty mature, no weird shit or nothing.

    All out pure action, Hellsing Ultimate OVA.
  • Berserk and Cowboy Bebop all the way for me.
  • the only anime I've seen at all is Persona 4: The Animation because I really love that game
  • Any good anime films besides Akira and anything by Miyazaki? 
  • or Origin: Spirits of the Past
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    Wolf Children, other Ghibli (like Takahata). I need to sees more, too, tbh.

    I plan on watching Perfect Blue, Eva, and Ghost in the Shell soonish. 
  • This needs more love for Afro Samurai.  Also as far as anime movies go I enjoy Summer Wars
  • Hunter X Hunter is one of the best ongoing anime series out there. For whatever reason it's overlooked, but i've never met a person who disliked it.

    also every ghibli movie, afro samurai, the original dragon ball series, bebop, and kuroko no basuke are all faves as well
  • this sign at WWE's live special from Japan makes me want a John Cena anime

    WWE Network
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    dis b me irl

  • did anyone ever watch any of the tenchi shows? are they good? which should i watch? i'm watching a bunch of toonami shows to relive the lonely childhood i never had (for the reason "i watched too much anime", i had a lonely childhood for non-anime reasons)
  • sooo lately i've been getting into animu. dunno if anyone here uses MAL but i have a profile there if any of you want to rec stuff or sth
  • also puella magi is messed up
  • i dont know if Patema Inverted was popular when it came out but i watched that this morning and liked it quite a bit
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    アニメ大好き! where would you like to begin?

    Japanese anime has been a great reflection of social mentalities of Japanese culture much like English novels are used to reflect ideologies. Of course not all novel much like not all anime.

    The 80s were post Zenkyoto riots and there was a massive earthquake that cause great destruction. Lots of groundbreaking and beautifully dark dystopic anime focused on those fears and release about the future. a kind of "Neo Tokyo" was a reoccurring theme. "Wicked City" "Demon City Shinjuku" "Akira" etc

    Others, in the incredible expanse of technology and manufacturing, were searching for a lost heritage through the revival of epic action tales of of period warriors. "Wrath of a Ninja" "Ninja Scroll" - the Ronin warriors of a Japan that no longer existed.

    The 90s were cult and fear driven in Japan. The subway sarin attack by Aum Shinrikyo, domestic terrorism, the Otaku murder. This left unspoken hardships on the mind, suspicion. Cults rose in heavy prevalence and made a new reach on the internet. The government was mistrusted. Technology was dangerous, addictive, fearful but mysterious. Great anime dove into fantasy for escapism, "Record of the Lodoss War". the extreme need to lash out against unseen evils "Berserk". Questions about the future of technology were mused on with "Ghost in the Shell" "Bubblegum Crisis" "Battle Angel" and the revamping of "Macross" and evolution as "Gundam"

    The 90s also brought about a new hero in a time where parents feared for their children even just going to school: The Magical Child anime was created. One child savior after another. Young adult and teens at first, then pre-teens in heavy rotation and creation by the 2000s.

    Let's talk anime!!!
  • A true fanboy of Sailor Moon over here! Been watchin ever since almost 20 years ago.
  • This is classic anime!

  • this shit is so fucking classic!!!! I love Record of the Lodoss War!
  • yoko kanno is one of the greatest musicians and composers ever!
  • and yet another! Kids on the Slope!

    Jazz in Japan!

  • yes. this is my own little world! Of the collection of Seatbelts albums associated with Cowboy Bebop, this album ranks high.

  • every great movie you love has always been anime first.
  • Ohayogozaimashita!
  • It's Show Time!

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