Controversial Opinions Thread: The R.E.M. Thread for sensible people who are also idiots

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hot cheetos suck


  • ay yo that's a controversial opinion
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    to beach house fans, sure. but I wouldn't ever argue that they're the most interesting band out there or that they're pushing many boundaries. in general, a lot of the bands i like either (1) push boundaries or (2) execute their aesthetic excellently. I think beach house falls squarely in the latter camp--they've produced some of the best dream pop of the new millennium (not by innovating but by perfecting their sound through subtle progression, all the while keeping up some really strong songwriting). another example is spoon--they write great tracks but don't do anything new with rock

    so, you know, i can see where you're coming from.
  • More like blech house am I right?
  • u just don't get beach house man
    u just like making me sad baby
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    beach house is music for running in slow motion while tears stream down your face
  • Frank Zappa is the GOAT.
  • In Rainbows is Radiohead's best album
  • that's not controversial, it's just true
  • I feel like most people would tell me I was crazy for putting it over OK Computer and Kid A
  • It's my personal favourite, as well, so you're not alone.
  • I am in good company then
  • you're right, it is. now, if you'd said hail to the thief or the king of limbs, that would be controversial
  • Ok Computer is widely thought to be their best for a reason, because it is.
  • I agree with the Manatee
  • most influntial/famous =/= best
  • it's both
  • i was merely contesting the reasoning. it can of course be both, but i don't think one follows from the other
  • My list is preeeetty controversial guys watch out!!

    1. In Rainbows
    2. The Bends
    3. Kid A
    4. Oklahoma City
  • OK Computer is my favorite album, so I have to pick it. It's classic songs are as great as advertised, and there are so MANY underrated songs on it. "Let Down" not least among them. 

    But Kid A and In Rainbows can be considered 1B and 1C depending on the day. Those are the trifecta for me, though I love all of their albums. 

    I do, however, disagree with my good friend IRL who says King of Limbs is the best. (It is their 2nd worst.) But that's just because he paints the most easily to it compared to the other Radiohead albums, I think. Also, he prefers electronics to instruments most of the time.
  • that's ridiculous.

    everyone knows the king of limbs is worse than pablo honey
  • But they are both better than Hail to the Thief.
  • wow controversial lists about radiohead albums so edgy lol
  • Nah I like Hail to the Thief a lot. It's just not top tier. 
  • ocaml maybe it's because i've grown more cynical but you been straight speaking my mind l8ly
  • @geogaddi of course not in every case, but in this case it is.
  • Wouldn't a band that has a pretty established hierarchy and universal acclaim be the scenario where a "controversial" opinion is possible though?

    It's not like there are controversial Jim O'rourke lists
  • Tamper is better than all his Nic Roeg titled albums! There, I said it!
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