• If I only stuck to my guns...
  • why aren't you all freaking the fuck out? This is a big deal. Check the forums more often IMO.
  • its kind of hard to be excited when it's been less than half a decade and they're just reuniting to play some Budweiser sponsored festivals and probably nowhere else

    also i feel like if i went to the final LCD show i'd be even madder
  • I wonder how Josh feels
  • I'm betting they do a lot more than 3 festival dates. They don't call him Jame$ for nothing mofucka
  • well regardless i smell a refused situation here
  • I'm choosing to believe it'll be a better thing than that.
  • Wow i mean ita exciting but now the long goodbye wont make everyone cry anymore
  • i had a feeling murphy wasn't quite done yet

    please make another album
  • man, i am definitely optimistic about this, i've got a lot of faith in murphy
  • Nah, it's real as shit. The one entity that would deny this is DFA to build more hype for it later.
  • honestly i really appreciate Murphy's desire to give an artistic end to something. i hope they are over because it was a perfect story and it doesn't need a sequel
  • nah fuck that a 4th LCD Soundsystem album is better than a good story
  • kyle youd really rather james murphy potentially come out with Reflektor 2 than have it end at This is Happening?
  • (still want a new album though 'cause i'm greedy)
  • i refuse to believe youre telling the truth there kyleboy
  • I can ignore the fuck out of a bad record man. It's not a problem.
  • Reflektor isn't a record, it's a sadness factory.
  • so are your jokes but we don't always rag on 'em.
  • I also care way more about Arcade Fire than I ever did about LCD Soundsystem. I like their records a lot, but none of them are on the level of Funeral or The Suburbs.
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    @TTK that's like the 6th shade-throwing comment at Kyle you've left this week.

    is everything alright between you two?
  • I'm normally turning the other cheek but lately I decided to give it back.

    There's nothing wrong here.
  • giving what back exactly? You're not offending me or anything but you're definitely confusing me.
  • no i mean im not trying to offend, just more poking and prodding, bein a dick.
  • i mean, reflektor isn't great, but there were good songs there. if i had to choose between arcade fire making reflektor and them not ever making anything after the suburbs, i'd for sure go for the former because at least it afforded me a couple more good AF songs. your view on this just depends on a) whether you liked at least one song on reflektor and b) how much you care about the cleanliness of a band's discography.

    history absolves bands' later burnouts. the beach boys, pink floyd, the talking heads, modest mouse, the strokes, etc. are all rightly remembered for their best, earlier works. sure, a clean break like the beatles' or talk talk's is satisfying and precludes embarrassing late-period releases. i'd even say that given a band that made three great albums and then years of strung-out shit, i'd prefer they quit after the first three. 

    but if a band went out on a great album, like lcd soundsystem, i will always wish for more. the chance of more good songs from an artist i love is enough to justify the desire

    also kyle, sound of silver is better than the suburbs. easily. but funeral is also easily better than sound of silver.
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