• tbh faulkners a good way of getting into c mac and vice versa so if ur already there then u can prolly just jump into any which one of those books
  • ive never actually looked forward to literature coming out but c macs the passenger might be the first time. hopefully the man lives long enough to finish it.
  • I maintain that his screenplay for The Counselor is fucking brilliant, to the extent that the film would be among the best of the decade if it weren't for Cameron Diaz.
  • thanks for the suggestions!
  • would still love to hear what @dallas has to say as i've considered reading all three of those
  • Blood Meridian is the greatest achievement of the three, followed by No Country, then The Road, but I actually suggest reading them in reverse order. The Road is the most accessible, while Blood Meridian, as a Faulknerian (@Ocaml is absolutely right about that connection) epic, is far denser prose.

    I have not read All the Pretty Horses, but I hear it is good, and it does seem to make sense as an entry point from what I’ve heard.
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    awesome, thank you for that breakdown! i think working my way up to blood meridian is a great idea. i’m gonna pick up the road next chance i get.

    right now i’m deciding whether to read the master and margarita or crime and punishment. have started both to get a taste and they’re both already great. should i just flip a coin?
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    Crime and Punishment is a commitment. Mostly worth it but there are some truly grueling passages. I have the maybe controversial opinion that novels from the period where they were published in a serialized format and the author was paid per word suffer from some serious bloat. (See: Dickens, Charles)
  • The Brothers Karamazov has been leering madly at me from my bookshelf for the last few years.
  • okay, i think i’ll go with master and margarita then. thanks!
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    I mean CnP is objectively a classic of world lit and I’m glad I did read it (dunno if I ever would’ve done so voluntarily, it was for AP English) because it’s the inception point for pretty much every antihero story. There’s a direct line between that book and films like Pickpocket, which then lead to films like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, First Reformed, pretty much everything Paul Schrader ever did.

    So, yknow, who gives a fuck what I think.
  • the brothers k i finally finished a few years ago after picking it up and putting it down for years. i read it with a girl who liked crime and punishment and by the time we got thru it she said cnp pales in comparison. i thought it was a great murder mystery book with relentlessly humanizing detail put into every character no matter how diabolical or sanctimonious.

    hate bulgakov tho lol. tried to read mnm and totally didnt get it. my friends all make fun of me for it so i double down.
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    A Hero of Our Time is short russian novel that is some how miles ahead of its time. i really recommend it if you want a dark russian epic involving horse theft, gunplay, spiritual bankruptcy, nature, and one of the most authentically bored characters i've ever encountered in literature.
  • oh, i'm going to read both! i just took your analysis to mean it was a bit more of a challenge to get through, so i think i'll save it for after master and margarita. i'm super psyched to read both.
  • CnP is one of my favorites, but I haven’t read it since college. I should go back to it.

    The Brothers K and The Idiot are also both masterworks.

    The criticism that they are long—maybe even overlong—isn’t necessarily wrong though.
  • I’m back on Blood Meridian after putting it down for a few weeks. I’m not even 100 pages in and this is bar none the most violent novel I’ve ever read.
  • Finished the new Murakami this week, Killing Commendatore, Im just not sure he's really writing things I enjoy anymore. I love a bunch of his books, but this one and IQ84 back to back just didnt stick with me.
  • @JoshC started Killing Commendatore and it’s just taking forever for me to take interest. I mean, I don’t necessarily want to give up on it.
  • Haven’t read IQ84, I think the length was a little daunting for me when it came out lol
  • @robby between Blood Meridian and The Road, McCarthy is pretty metal
  • I really loved Burning and that’s made me want to read some Murakami.
  • @ManateeMaster Can confirm, The Road is metal af
  • Have you had a chance to read Murakami's memoir, @josh? that's the last one I read that i really enjoyed.
  • watchu guys think of freud lol
  • I think he aided in the ruining of humans
  • please explain
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    i just don't know very much about freud and i'm curious how his ideas were wrong
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    i'm not saying that I'm an expert either.

    were his ideas wrong? i don't think "wrong" could be a word used because there isn't a correct answer. His approach and ideas were compelling. that's really it.

    that aside, i think that his observations , but more so - the reinforcement of those observations as objective information that could be treated as "right" or "wrong" is detrimental; stifling of what and who a human could be. and that there is a certain exaggeration of qualities that even Freud himself bemoaned.
    and so i remind myself of that and I bend more to taking his ideas with a grain a salt.

    and with the shift in the early 20th century of behavioral pyschology - i think freud aided a ridged understanding of sex - or moreso, that he was a strong voice in an early 20th century movement* that supported a ridged understanding of sex.

    so "ruining" was maybe too strong and i was saying it for attention and conversation. for me, he represents a strong shift. but a shift that, given the power of interpretation, i attempt to observe less.
  • what do you mean by a rigid understanding of sex?
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    true. i did mean "gender" :D
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