• at the last part of 2666 why this man makin me look at sea spiders

  • on the reals tho, a good encyclopedic ode/condemnation of the times and the land that we live in. proust style narrative looping over a dostoyevskian catastrophe of this side of the atlantic. nothing resolves but everything turns into to something else, something more interesting. def recommend it if u have like 2 weeks to burn ur eyes out.
  • (┼д┼;)
  • is don quixote lit fam thinkin of larping thru 900 pages

  • reading the myth of sisyphus
  • what are you thoughts so far on M0S @2pl
  • thoughts still precipitating - Haven't had time to read further this week. will share when I get there
  • Do you guys read short stories often? Flash fiction? Sudden fiction?
    have you read "Can-Can" by Arturo Vivante? "Pygmalion" by John Updike, "Wants" by Grace Paley, "The Shared Patio" by Miranda July?
  • I am reading light novels is kaifuku jutsushi no yarinaoshi and This is my favourite.

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    eh - would not click. if the "kiss" part of that domain is from Kissanime_dot_ etc etc - that site is no longer trusted. not since it was originally taken down ...maybe early 2018. it's a trap.

  • end of year reading list;

    "myth of sisyphus" by camus

    "no longer human" by dazai

    "the wasp factory" by banks

  • end of year reading list

    "Black Privilege" by Charlamagne tha God

    "Talking to Strangers" M. Gladwell

    "Caliban and the Witch" S. Federici

    "In Sheep's Clothing" G. Simon

    Ideally i'd like to make a syallbus with some thoughts contextualized

  • good list. I look forward to hearing your thoughts (if you want to share them)

  • "In Sheep Clothing" is pretty approachable and convincing so far.

    Do your books tie into a theme for you? or random selection?

  • I bought the Beastie Boys book.

    yeah, kinda like a book for those who don’t really read, but it looks cool!

  • i like those kinds of book. the information is concise, the imagery is great.

    i think its a style that makes the most sense for bands.

  • 2pl2pl
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    @demikat existential angst & death is the theme. (thats unfortunately been a theme of 2019 so far for me so its what I am gravitating towards). they are also books that I've wanted to read for a long time tho

  • ^ maybe that's been a theme for many people this year. I've been feeling it and trying to come to terms with what i can make of it. how has it been coming together for you - your year in review?

    I did that thing where I bought too many books at once, attempted my first read; wasn't here or there about it and became disinterested, but association is king and i lost momentum for the rest =/

  • yeah its been a really weird year. I'm inching my way through No Longer Human and its pretty interesting so far but I'll have time to knock out the list in December.

  • i read interpretation of dreams a while ago - at this point i only remember bits ofthe case studies we (my class) bounced the content off

    what are you reading/learning?

  • About to start some Richard Rorty

  • ay what r u starting toony rortys a riot

    ily postmodern grandpa

  • @demi We did a lot of his early work before the ego and id distinction including interpretation of dreams and 3 essays on sexuality, and we’ve read some psychoanalytic feminists and queer theorists and we’re doin a module on Lacan.

    My buddy I’m taking the class with is actully on track to become a practicing psychoanalyst. It’s really cool to plumb the actual clinical institution that exists today and see how theres a lot of analysists that are basically Freudians in many respects, even today a over hundred years after the practice started. I’m a cultural studies major so we get a lot of psychoanalytic “theory” but stay kinda isolated from actual practice

  • @shooty how are you going to, or rather, how do you see yourself applying your interest and theory post graduation?

  • @shoots achieving our country

  • @toon ooh report back what u think ive actually read that!

    @demikat I have lots of ideas. The end game is to be able to actually get a book written and published some day, but I’d only wanna do that if i knew ppl would actually read it.

    So I wanna build a popular audience through some sort of teaching, maybe podcasts, maybe videos. I have a little philosophy course website designed in a notebook I’d like to impliment in the future. Its all pipe dreams for now.

    I also make music and have this video game ive been working on and i like to think theory stuff helps with those.

  • i members you mentioning a video game briefly before. is it playable? is it a teaching game?

    i think it's pretty rad you're aiming to be a teacher of kinds and sorts. i look forward to the audience you'll curate.

  • I'm reading funny work quotes to chill out my mind while doing work.


  • not really doing work if you're on a website spacing out to comments dead people made, tho.

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