• fuck, i need to read more. i miss the feeling of getting absolutely sucked into a good book, so much so that you neglect other shit to your detriment
  • Currently reading dune, and it's okay. He writes characters in a very cold and calculated way, so I don't feel invested in what happens.
  • YES when I read dune I felt the exact same way but I'm always afraid to voice negative opinions about it because it's such a sacred cow
  • @geo this is pretty hollow advice because everyone is different, but I wasn't really super into reading until I read The Picture of Dorian Gray, so I dunno if you have read it but if not u should chekitout.
    Also you're in college and stuff right? I don't really plan on reading too much when I get to college, which is mostly why I'm reading now. It just seems like finding time would be impossible.
  • i'll check that out. and yeah college is a time suck, but i definitely could make time for more reading
  • college is reading.
  • but it's more than readin as a reader - it's reading as an analytical thinker and writer. can you parse information? can you create your own understanding using persuasive in-textual resources to support your ideas.

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    College, for some, is the great incubator of dreams. For others, it's a playground to find one's dream. Don't be afraid to branch out a bit in your areas interests to find out which of those you're using your college experience for. If I had, I would've pursued a different degree.
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    Well, so I finished Naked Lunch.

    I don't really know how to proceed
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    Life is different after Naked Lunch.
    I don't know if I've ever felt my reality actually altered after reading a book before
  • I feel like everyone does their best to make Naked Lunch sound unreadable. It's so so so so not
  • I guess I'll read more beat shit until I either fill this void of forget it's there
  • I've tried reading naked lunch multiple times and each time i get a few pages in, go back, read said pages again, repeat this a few times, get confused, give up and put it back on my shelf for another time!

    I'm reading 100 years of solitude for the third time. Love this book so much.
  • @benneh What appeals to you so much about one hundred years of solitude? Not to sound like I don't like it, I really really liked it but I wasn't totally blown away.
  • Wanna read that Naked Lunch at some point
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    @dom, I just really love the world he creates. It's almost at points where you believe it could be a true story and then he throws in these eccentric little twists and tales. The way remedios the beauty leaves, for example, is one of my favourite moments. These kind of moments leave me with this stupid big grin on my face that I can't wipe off. It totally taps into that childish thirst we all have deep inside to hear a good story told, but with that sense of reality removed. Anything could happen!

    In a similar way, I believe that is why the game of thrones series has blown up so much.

    100 years is just a great story. Read it again bro :)
  • @benneh For sure, I will return to it. It's only been a few months since I first read it though, so maybe towards the end of the year after a bit more time. Hearing someone enthusiastically talk about something they love is always a great encouragement to revisit it.

    I've had a bit of an unintentional break from reading lately as I've moved house and started a job but I just started reading White Noise by Don Delillo.
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    I got the 3rd vol. of "Phonogram" . it has a few interesting facets of stories within the main arc and carried the phonomancer (witchcraft, god/dess, and satanistic? embodiment) within the overall context really well. visually gratifying with nourishing content. I'm not sure how many more issues will be made. This volume seems like it could have been a wrap-up. I would be satisfied with that.

    Then I tried something new and got "Pop Gun War: gift" this is a great avant garde graphic novel. just, fucking great! completely submissive[thinking of something else, I meant] "immersive" with heavy abstract expressions of meanings.
  • Farel Dalrymple is great, I'm only familiar with his work on Prophet tho
  • whoa! cool! i'll check out "Prophet". this was my first go with Dalrymple. it was a happy whim with some free money.

    do you read other comics or graphic novels? @voles
  • I read a lot of comics yeah. Brandon Graham's one of my favorites right now
  • Oh yea "King City". that one's pretty good. i've got the complete graphic novel, but i also had a few of the individual issues. no need for doubles tho, and i loved the art so much i made coasters from the extra issues.
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    Image Comics is my goal! apart from the one offs here and there, Image Comics is adventurous. some times they support a dud, and I'm not sure they've really had anyone knock it out of the park yet (which is great cause that's my future to contribute). they're definitely my go to.
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    I had an itchen for the Pynchon and I didn't want to spend the next three years of my life with Gravity's Rainbow so I picked up Mason and Dixon before my surgery today I can already tell I will not be finishing this lol
  • I also just finished To The Lighthouse by Virginia Wolf last night which I really loved but I'm sure has a lot of depth I'm in need of reflection on. Also reading a bit of The Ego and Its Own by Max Stirner on the side because I want to name my electron music project after him
  • What have y'all been reading hotties?
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    bouta start The Peregrine by J.A. Baker. Book damn near took anmonth to arrive. its a slender little work, under 200 pages. its nature writing which hopefully is gonna feel like a nice warm shower after reading The Master and Margarita, which was kind of a horrible experience reading.
  • when does the book club update @ocaml. j wondering
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