What Are You Seeing

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didnt see one so i made one

just realized i have to go see death grips on tuesday unless i want to sell it but itll be my 3rd time seeing them and hopefully its not just ride breathless over a back track with hill doing a drum solo


  • Going to see Yasin Bey/Mos Def on Friday and Death Grips on the 28th.
  • wow so fucking jealous of you two. i fear i'll never see death grips live. :(
  • i can if i went back in time and wasted $200 on fyf
  • wasted??! that lineup is one of the best i've seen
  • *ahem*

    day 1:

    frank ocean
    jesus and mary chain
    run the jewels
    dinosaur jr.
    jon hopkins
    joy orbison

    day 2:

    belle & sebastian
    fka twigs
    mac demarco
    death grips
    nicolas jaar
    neon indian
    thee oh sees
    tobias jesso jr. 

    and quite a few other artists that i'd still really enjoy seeing live, even if not as much as the above. easily worth $200 imo

    i guess i'm just jealous that you even had that opportunity because the only one i can go to is lolla, which has a shittier lineup and costs $50 more
  • Damn that's a good lineup
  • by this time next year the headliners are gonna be the weeknd and grimes
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    2012, 2013, and even last year were significantly more interesting. I'm just not into the conventionally popular "indie" scene nearly enough to find a lot of these bands interesting, and that's clearly who FYF is catering to here. It's just another festival with a streamlined lineup, 90% of which are returning bands, and a borderline insulting price jump from last year.
  • hahaha spoke too soon, I might actually get to see Death Grips now
  • gonna get tickets to see beach house in providence. so pumped!
  • Saw Tanlines last night. Was a little disapointed, given how much I like their new record. The show had just so many backing tracks, felt a lot like karaoke.
  • good looking crowd though, which you have to respect.
  • I've never even heard of that band
  • I heard one of their songs in an urban outfitters a few years ago
  • I went into an urban outfitters once and 6 dudes in khakis beat me half to dead with boogie boards.
  • It's where I buy all my vinyls
  • Support your local record stores
  • And I'm seeing Earl Sweatshirt in August
  • @weezus I want them to continue to exist but I have no room in my life for physical media of any kind. I'm just over here living in the future.
  • Fair enough
  • I'm more so saying if you're gonna buy vinyl try not to do it at UO or B&N unless you have to
  • @weezuswalks i'm seeing earl in aug too, i'm going to the Syracuse show
  • Oh fun. I'm seeing him in Raleigh
  • Do you know if there's an opener
  • I don't think so, it probably depends on the venue
  • He doesn't seem to be touring with anyone but the venue he's coming to around here usually has some local bands
  • @Max Oh shit! ur from syracuse? My family is over there. Shouts out to Syracuse. The Soundgarden isn't a bad record store at all.
  • @Bozo hell yeah man, I go to uni here. Soundgarden is pretty sweet, I go there once a week or so. Just picked up a couple shitty hardstyle records from the dollar bin last weekend
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