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  • I've never been to Syracuse but thank you for Dinosaur BBQ
  • dino bbq is heaven
  • I haven't been to the Buffalo one yet but I went to the Rochester one a few times and it was pretty much the reason to go to Rochester.
  • Saw Grips last week.

    Much bigger venue than the first time they came. Crowd was very different too.

    Initially I wasn't up for the pit (really tired and I had expected to encounter a lot of assholes in it) but the sound was asstastic, so the only way I was going to enjoy myself is if we got into the pit.

    However, the pit was kinda lame, a few tools in there and everyone's timing was bad.. it was a drunk pit. All ages show.

    Only me and one other guy in my area seemed to know any lyrics.

    I read a few times how Ride was going great with stamina and such for the whole set, but he definitely slowed down a handful of times, even on lines I would have expected more energy behind. I think my expectations were not realistic. That part felt familiar as the first time I saw them however here they played straight through for 80 mins.

    I don't think I'd bother seeing them in a big venue again if they're going to do the same style of live show.

    So yet again the best pits I have been in, are still, at Sleigh Bells shows. (admittedly, my pit experience game is weak).

  • the best mosh pit i've ever been a part of was during my second animal collective show. everyone went bananas during "the purple bottle" and "brothersport"; it was an eruption of joy and love and energy, and it was so fucking exhilarating.
  • when I saw Cloud Nothing's and Fucked Up back to back at fyf a few years ago was definitely some of the funniest pit times ever

    Lightning Bolt was fun for a bit until some loser decided to jump in the pit with an open umbrella
  • He was just trying to innovate in the mosh pit scene, bro.
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  • oh yeah if I see death grips I'm staying as far away from those bony white people as possible
  • I once saw someone try to take an inflatable swordfish into a mosh pit but security stopped them.
  • speaking of which, it'd be pretty cool if a couple of people were fencing inside a circle pit.

    what's the dumbest thing someone could do in a mosh pit?
  • I vote for someone doing their taxes.
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    other hilarious options:

    wrestling match in lucha masks
    playing pogs
    playing a board game
    duck duck goose
    competing concert
  • if this was a TV show I'd watch every week. I'm such a genius.
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    Irish river dancing (true story)
  • Death Grippin tomorrow~
  • Nice! I expect a report!
  • Bought a ticket to Godspeed in September!
  • whos a godspeed?
  • are they fast?
  • i think i'm gonna see godspeed in boston. can't wait
  • They're coming to Austin in September, so I'm probably gonna go.
  • They will never come to Kansas City!... :-(
  • Fucked up always ha my favourite mosh pits
  • Fucked Up mosh pits are like giant hugs. Nobody has gotten hurt in one ever because the fans of that band are almost universally rad people
  • (I got kicked in the head once, but it was fine)
  • godspeed metal
  • death grips sold out in like 2 seconds ahahaha
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