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  • A FORUM!
  • Hey I'm getting the regular version of the site on mobile. Is this a problem on my end or is it disabled or something?
  • nevermind there's a mobile site link at the bottom. Nifty.
  • Thank fuck.
  • What a time to be alive.
  • long live TND forums, may you never leave us again.
  • Lil shooty mane is back guys
  • sweet.

    hopefully we don't lose anybody.
  • I'm assuming this'll be like Bonkmas and Evan would prefer we didn't have a Dropbox thread.

    So the question is: what's code for "drop" something?
  • assfuck

    hey, wanna assfuck the new kanye album?
  • @kyle yeah def help me figure out how that can be done without me having any responsibility to moderate it.
  • would a private thread be okay with you? maybe we can just do it in pms
  • figure it out in a way that is impossible for me to see it or be legally responsible for it.
  • pour one out for all our long lost user classes, my favorite being "Nick".
  • We should probably start a new blood cvlt when the need arises
  • hooray, an actual forum!!!!!!

    now, i would never ask for someone to illegally share music with me. i would simply like to note that the new miguel and vince staples albums seem really cool!!
  • hey if you need help with sysadmin stuff for the forum/whatever, pm me. maybe we could get a pretty sweet theme installed and stuff.
  • that would be dope
  • can we get a goatse background to pay homage our history?
  • I look forward to violating our new terms of service on the regular.

    Not really, but kinda.
  • My life is EXTREMELY sexually-oriented. How can you honestly expect my postings to not follow suit? 
  • dicks
  • We've already got 14 members. That's pretty good for day one on the new site. Who else needs to be made aware of this place's existence?

    I assume a lot of people will find it just through the old url working. 
  • and I saw a few people on anthony's vid asking bout a forum, so I replied and was like "go here"
  • @yama @evan you know what I'd really love? a dark/black theme. I hate browsing really bright websites at night and I tend to look at this place a lot at really dumb hours.
  • It's good to be back. Thank you Evan
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