iv been reading
i read the odyssy and the illiad and then i read faust and gilgamesh and then dante's shit and im finishing that now and then paradise lost and then probably a the aeneid and some more shit and then I can ascend to pretentious transcendence and scoff at everyone too busy working to get as booked the fuck up as i am. now what the FUCK have u been reading?



    1. Devine Comedy
    2. Paradise Lost
    3. The dialogs of Plato
    4. the aeneid
    5. Greek Tragedies (until i get board of them, but reading every one would be cool i guess)
    6. the decline and fall of the roman empire
    7. As much shakespeare as i can stomach
    8. Confessions
    9. Whatever farraday wrote he seemed like a cool bro
    10. calvin and hobbes lazy sunday misadventures
  • i read to fuel myself with inspiration to make phat beatz with
  • I enjoy the title of this thread.
  • Fuck Thoraeu but yall knew that
  • I read this forum sometimes, and twitter.

    I'm a reader, fellas.
  • I have also been getting 'booked up' lately. I've almost finished reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. It has been a pretty rocky read, but it's interesting to read a story that unfolds over a thousand pages. Never read anything this long before. Recently I've read Brave New World, Homage to Catalonia, Wolf In White Van (by John Darnielle of Mountain Goats fame) and a few Ian McEwan books. I think I might read some plays next. Never read anything like that classical stuff you're getting through Shooty, you been enjoying them?
  • @toon_malk the fact that almost all of us (maybe all of us) agree w/ that says something rlly great about this community idk what tho
    @dom Gilgamesh and the Odyssey were awesome and Faust was one of my favorite things I've ever read (If your reading plays next I highly recommend it, but so does everyone). The Iliad was ok, but it was hard to get thru because I had to read it for school in 8th grade.  and it got kinda ruined for me. Dante's inferno was cool, a lot more readable than I expected tbh. Purgitorio so far seems to be about the same deal, which is fine by me. I just wish I read up on italian civil wars before I started reading and not during. 
    Anything on that list you'd explicitly recommend?
  • whata book?
  • my mom bought me paradise lost the other day lol
    im currently reading inherent vice, enjoying it more than the film although it's cool that i get to hear the narration parts in my head in that joanna newsom voice
  • @shooty I have copies of a couple of those, so I will try and get to them before long. Homage to Catalonia is definitely my favourite among those but that's mostly because I studied the Spanish Civil War as part of my degree so it was cool to read a memoir about it. Other than that, Brave New World was a fantastic read, definitely among the better dystopian perceptions of a futuristic society that I have read.
  • Just got a few pages into reading The Sound and the Fury. It's the first book I picked up in a long time and I'm not entirely sure it was the right choice to get back into reading. Like, I can already tell this'll take me forever to read unless it really picks up later on.
  • At least it's the greatest book ever written by an American. 
  • I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Slapstick by Vonnegut
  • I'm pretty sure you both are thinking of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey
  • Or you're thinking of Fahrenheit 451 by Bradbury
  • iv never seen 4 people misspell Skooby-Doo Meets the Abominable Snowman in a row before
  • Just finished Midnight's Children. Absolutely incredible read. 
  • i've also been reading through the socratic dialogues

    2. Paradise Lost
    3. The dialogs of Plato
    4. the aeneid
    5. Greek Tragedies (until i get board of them, but reading every one would be cool i guess)
    6. the decline and fall of the roman empire
    7. As much shakespeare as i can stomach

    I read confessions, electricity, and the devine comedy up till paradisio and then the boredom outwieghed the desire to go on. I also read ISIS: Inside the army of terror and The Plague by camus but theu wernt on the lost.

    2 chapters into @toonmalk 's reccomendation Predictibly Irrational, and im diggin it, although the second chapter's title is "The supply demand fallacy" and he doesnt really disprove supply/demand at all its just kind of inflamotory lol. Duded a fun writer tho and he obviously knows his shit
  • @austn what have u read so far? Thoughts? All i have gotten thru so far is Charmides and i cant say i enjoyed it lol
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    Might only be tangentially related, but I want to start reading poets, and books of poetry.

    Any good places to start?
  • shel silverstein. in particular, where the sidewalk ends, a light in the attic, and falling up. they're a joy to read and especially good as a starting point.
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    Emily Dickinson. William Shakespeare. TS Elliot. Italo Calvino. Edgar Allan Poe. Walt Whitman
  • +1 on poe. he's wonderful
  • those are the basics, right?

    I'm interested in (like most art forms) the weird stuff.

    Are there any esoteric or strange poets?
  • why not establish a bit of a base before moving on to weird shit? i mean, you like a lot of classics in film and music--don't you think you'll like some classic poets?
  • On that Note I would add Tennyson and Coleridge to the greats
  • find me book: I want something pre 1920s about the future that doesn't have copious amounts of the n word.
  • the book of mormon
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